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Middle Class Capitalism (MCC)

The Independent Peoples  Corporation

A Universal Christmas-19 & Holidays MOTHER'S DAY ODE for ALL! 

# Flitter Fly with AO-LOLS !!!!

" A Mother's Day Ode ... May 12, 2019

May the bright shining light of unrequited truth, facts, decency, goodness, and the true honest caring love of all human beings > and their children, be seen and actually practiced by all evangelists ... all as clearly professed in the actual words of Christ and all good values religious and secular philosophers, 

... replacing the propagation and spread of fear, lies, deceit and pure hatred and cruelty of so many others, that has devoured so many foolish blind souls in the dirty fog of evil darkness, that has completely captured their hearts > "for they know not what they do" ... to their world, their country and their children. 

Perhaps Mother, you can share these good values words with your pastor, your congregation, and family. It is the theme of the values of my good Republican public government service, my life, my family ... and my book, all dedicated to a wonderful cheerful honest decent soul, my best friend ever and always > Susy. It should be the theme of every good and decent person on earth.  Curt 

See the universal Mother's Day Ode on the last page of Curt's "Defeat of the Wicked Iniquitous" {{{ DWI Adventures Books }}} Now SEEN at MiddleClassCapitalism.com; and on Amazon Books and Kindle. Middle Class Capitalism Economic Movement Press Release attached {with confidential contact information.}

((( Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All }}} PS: {A special flitter fly to MCC for MW} ...

William Curtis Woolf with AO-LOLS !!!! 

{ Always optimal lots of laughter & love > Christmas economic warrior talk for ALL }


Our journey to international economic prosperity for the working class and the less fortunate begins here. My name is William Curtis Woolf, the founder and facilitator for middle class capitalism. I have 40 years of top level corporate and government experience. I have researched history and the globe for a decade, for every possible method and system to permanently eliminate poverty and to provide prosperity. ​The Independent People's Corporation  is the answer to accomplish this—and without the need of government or politics. We are in the early stages of this groundbreaking solution. The first step is to form a Charter of 100 persons to work with us in promoting and developing our strategies. If you are interested in standing with us to stamp out poverty and bring living wages to hard working citizens internationally, then click below on the “Become a Charter Member” for further details on how to actively promote prosperity. 

Alexa says civilization is an advanced state of human society in which a high level of culture, science, industry and government has been reached.  Siri says civil is courteous and polite.  These two beautiful E-Ladies are the standard definition of CIVILIZATION anywhere in America and the world.  So we must ALL first ask ourselves one question:


Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, the answer to that question is clearly NO!!!

Curt says his definition of civilization is Middle Class Capitalism.   It is simply ALL of us working together as partners in life, in a civil, courteous and polite manner to achieve a high level of culture, science, industry and government.  To have Civilization WE must first ALL unite together in a way that ensures Economic Equilibrium, in an American style of pure and fair Capitalism, with Universal Integrated Competition.  That ensures a balance of POWER and INFLUENCE with the wealthy, in order to achieve our own Power, Prosperity and Justice for ALL, in a beautiful, safe and clean world.  Then, second, with Middle Class Capitalism, we can achieve a world where we ALL receive a living wage for our labor, and we all have a QUALITY home, clean and safe water and air, education, or anything else we work for our hard owned Good Dollars.  That is Curt's definition of a QUALITY CIVILIZATION!!!...and I just happen to have: REAL SOLUTIONS FOR US ALL TO WORK TOGETHER AS PARTNERS IN LIFE to achieve and PAY FOR IT ALL.  I also just happen to have developed the QUALITY BUREAU that developed a National Award Winning new infrastructure and economic model, with a team of fantastic Highway DepartmenT warriors for QUALITY PERFORMANCE WITH OPTIMUM RESULTS.  That is the economic weapon we can all use to achieve MCC.  ALL working as team partners together in my AMERICAN STYLE CAPITALISM.  I call it my MCC Civilization!!!!  Sounds impossible!  Judge it all yourselves at my websites.  Email your "Judgment" to newmiddleclasscapitalism@gmail.com.  This, after the 2008 Recession, that really angered me, is the result of 10 years of Research and Development for a fair Capitalism Economic System that is carefully designed to provide balanced wealth and benefits that truly are OF, FOR, and OWNED, CONTROLLED, and PAID for BY THE PEOPLE.

The Independent Peoples  Enterprise

Eliminating Poverty with upward mobility for all

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