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A Summary of The People’s Journey for Economic Independence

The People's Journey

DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF CAPITALISM: “An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Middle Class Capitalism is a pure and fair micro-economic system where the People invest together to build their own very powerful private multi-national People’s Global Enterprise for personal profit, without the need of government, wall street, or other large multi-national global enterprises. CW

Together, the people can and will deliver good universal capitalism for the good of all of the people, rather than bad crony capitalism for the greed of a few. All lessons of history prove that only through strong economic power and influence can people obtain and keep great wealth. With the people’s independent economic power and influence the Peoples Journey will therefore lead to the new world of permanent prosperity for all. This journey is not a fantasy or utopia. The People’s Journey begins to develop worldwide when people everywhere finally understand that large banks, multi-national corporations and crony or bad capitalism will never provide a strong permanent economy with continuous upward mobility for the people. The people can and will do it themselves without them. Permanent prosperity can only be achieved with good profits through good capitalism when the people own and control their own independent economy. That is an economy “Of the People, For the People, and Owned By the People.”

The only question is how?

In the real People’s Journey, many millions of people worldwide join together with whatever they can safely afford to invest to all become owners in their own enterprise of stores everywhere called the Independent People’s Global Enterprise. Together, the people have proclaimed the “Declaration of Economic Independence” and have created the largest pool for capital investment ever. The people’s enterprise becomes the most powerful and influential economic force on earth. The wealthy few multi-national companies can no longer compete with the largest amount of combined capital and labor ever provided by many millions of people worldwide together, developing their own market stores everywhere with the best prices possible anywhere. There will be jobs for those wanting to be owners in one of the many thousands of their own stores opening everywhere. The people’s global enterprise with their market stores and small businesses will soon replace the wealthy crony giant corporations currently selling all the people’s everyday retail products and services everywhere. With their massive pool of capital the people’s global enterprise will replace today’s giant retail global corporations, much like the giant corporations have replaced smaller businesses and retailers everywhere previously. The multitudes of individuals, employees, and small business owners that all join as owners of the people’s global enterprise, will benefit with ever growing “good profits” from their global enterprise, the same way a very few wealthy owners currently benefit from bad profits through crony capitalism from their multi-national companies worldwide. The people’s enterprise has people’s stores everywhere that sell all or most of the people’s everyday goods and services that they need, want and use, or that they produce in their own regions. The people will finally all have continuously growing good profits based on their own contributions of labor and capital in their own stores in their own independent global company.

As a small business owner joining, or any person that joins including all employees, they can invest whatever they can “safely afford” directly to the people’s global enterprise as an investor owner. They will all receive growing good profits proportionate to their investment, as their new stores are opening everywhere all over the world. The owners that have more capital and wealth will receive great incentives to help those that can afford less, especially the poor, climb the enterprise ladder to greater prosperity. Together they will all be owners investing to win in their very own massive peoples global enterprise. The people’s global enterprise will provide impoverished people in the poorest villages anywhere with Internet so that they can immediately join and become an owner in the enterprise with a free starter share in their own company. The enterprise will assist and support all regional affiliates, small businesses and individuals with Internet throughout the region. They will also be provided the entrepreneurial support they all need for upward mobility in the enterprise. They can all be an individual owner in the global enterprise and an owner of their retail market stores in their own economic community area, or anywhere. They will join together in as many numbers as they can, including the poorest people in their villages, and the largest cities everywhere. They all become an affiliated small business-owner; an employee-owner in one of their own people’s global enterprise stores anywhere; or, an individual owner-member in the overall global enterprise and its market stores. The owner-members of every enterprise retail market store will all engage in brutal economic competition through Integrated Universal Competition externally to replace the crony giant retail multi-national corporations that provide most of their everyday goods and services. The owner-members will also compete internally with all enterprise market stores, primarily to achieve the best Equilibrium Index for the highest profits and awards for its owners.

Integrated Universal Competition produces the best possible Equilibrium Index for the optimum energy, power and profits of the micro-economic system of the people’s global enterprise. The primary measurement for success and profits for the individual stock owners of any individual enterprise market store is the Equilibrium “Price/Profit” Index. It is the ratio of the highest profits for its individual market store owners, with the lowest costs of goods and services in their individual market stores. The people’s enterprise will provide the lowest cost products and services to be sold at all individual retail market stores. Owners of every market store sets the prices of the retail goods and services in their individual stores to maximize competition between all stores internally within the global enterprise, and externally to competitively replace crony retail giant’s stores with the enterprise market stores. The new owners of each store will invest whatever they can safely afford along with as many other new owners as it takes to support the purchase of each of their individual market stores. Through Target Competition and the support of their global enterprise and network, each market store will replace individual crony multi-national stores they choose to target, such as a general retail stores that sell the everyday goods and services in their region. One by one the peoples market stores will replace the crony giant retail stores worldwide. Market store owners include anyone that buys premium stock in any individual enterprise market store anywhere. Individual owners of each store set their own prices to fuel the integrated universal competition that provides every opportunity and incentive possible for competition between stores, and at every level in every direction between every organizational cog in the overall enterprise. The Cogs are the individual enterprise owners, market stores, and all associated store coalitions, small business affiliates, economic communities, student associations and all other Cog’s working together in unison to maximize profits, upward mobility and economic security for all global enterprise owners. More details of Integrated Universal Competition and how it works to achieve the optimum profits and awards for its market store owners and other Cogs are found in the details of Middle Class Capitalism in Chapter 1 that follows in the short book also found at

The individuals that join as owner-members also immediately become a member of the completely separate “non-profit” people’s global enterprise Network, associated with their economic organization in their region. The People’s Network is the people’s independent guardian and auditor. The Peoples Network is owned and controlled by all the owner-members, and it is solemnly dedicated to ensure that their for-profit Global Enterprise and all officers and executives always acts in the very best interests of the people that are the sole owner-members of their global enterprise. They ensure that all profits are distributed only to the people as owners of the for-profit global enterprise in proportion to their individual investments of cash and/or labor in their own global company that develops stores everywhere. They facilitate all member-owners by ensuring employment with a living wage based on their region, in their new market-stores that are opening everywhere. They join together in their regional people’s economic community organizations. All employees and owner-members are dedicated to help each other through competition with each other and endless incentives and opportunity for upward economic mobility in their stores and global enterprise. The non-profit People’s Network and the for-profit Enterprise provides all of the business support the people need to develop their own regional market stores in all places. The individuals and the associated small businesses can produce their own everyday goods and services that they can sell at their regional global enterprise market stores, or their everyday goods and services will be provided to their people’s markets and other stores by their global enterprise for sale in their stores everywhere.

Refer to the people’s Declaration of Economic Independence at the end of this short book, or go to and download it. Sign it, like it and share it with everyone on Facebook, and be a new capitalist (Neo-Cap) in your own global enterprise. See the details for becoming an Original Charter or Board Member of the Middle Class Capitalism or People’s Network.

Notice: The middle class economic system includes details to accelerate, demonstrate and market the concept, including the symbolism illustrated in bold or colored text, particularly as illustrated in the Peoples Capitalism Games. There is no association of any kind with any other symbolism or concept, to include any religious or political belief or concept. The system is for all people of all countries, all religions and all politics and therefore is entirely a secular economic system. At the risk of too much repetition, details are often restated in different chapters and sections to illustrate a different idea or purpose in the system.

The People's Journey


Chapter 1 - Global Enterprise