Become a Charter Member

Become a Charter Member

We are at the beginning stages of building the Independent Peoples Global Enterprise. The first step is to recruit 100 original charter members to help us promote and grow our New Capitalist base.  We believe that students are the future leaders of our world and will have the enthusiasm, tenacity, spirit and innovation to build a powerful and influential base of New Capitalists (Neo-Caps). We also desire the experience, perspective and creative workmanship that working class persons bring. This is how we came to the decision to have our original charter members be the first 50 students and 50 working class persons who sign on and agree to participate in the efforts listed below. 

Becoming a charter member first of all means that you will be a New Capitalist (Neo-Cap) and join our revolutionary alternative for economic independence. As a New Capitalist, you are simply declaring that you want to join us to develop prosperity and end poverty. You are joining your voice with ours to say that you are fed up with working people not receiving a living wage. You are declaring that every person globally should have the opportunity to work and be able to continuously grow their wealth. We have the right to have a roof over our heads, feed our children, have good healthcare, a good education or vocation, enjoy economic security with a good retirement, and protection during recession. All lessons of history tell us that only those with strong economic power and influence can gain and maintain great wealth. Today’s giant global corporations provide the greatest wealth ever but profits go to only a select few.  As a Neo-Cap, you will receive a certificate for a free share in The Independent People’s Global Enterprise upon its incorporation and you will be a part of the new, fair economic solution called Middle Class Capitalism. 

As a charter member, we ask that you spend a few hours a week helping advance middle class capitalism in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Recruit New Capitalists (Neo-Caps). Talk to friends, business associates and others that you know and direct them to our website and encourage them to join us as New Capitalists. Get people excited about being a part of a solution to end global poverty
  2. Further your understanding of Middle Class Capitalism by reading our 36-page book (click here) that outlines a narrative of the peoples journey to prosperity and also gives details about how we will build the Independent Peoples Global Enterprise.
  3. Share with us any ideas you have to help further our efforts to stamp out poverty and develop prosperity through our middle class capitalism paradigm.
  4. Get us invited to speak at a university, business association, media outlet or other forum where we can share our passion and promote our innovative ideas.

Join quickly because we are reserving 100 spots for those who sign up first, agreeing of course to participate actively in the efforts to help us promote and grow our base so our middle class capitalism vision can be realized. Read a bit more detail in our technical book (Click Here) about being a charter member and also about how you can apply to be a board member. 

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