For example, in the poorest communities with deplorable living conditions anywhere in the world, the people’s corporation will help the poor organize together in their economic community, and provide the capital and business support, to empower them to build their own retail commercial stores and also their own homes. With the support of the peoples Global Enterprise, they can actually develop their own prosperous commerce together within their own stores. Together through a new concept called Integrated Universal Capitalism they will build their own commerce in their own community in their own retail stores. They will all be able to buy and or trade their everyday goods and services. With the support of the people’s global enterprise the poor and less fortunate, in the smallest villages, or in the largest cities will all become the working class owners of their own stores in their own communities. The people’s global enterprise will provide the goods for their stores at the lowest prices possible. Together they will build a prosperous internal commerce for themselves by buying and selling and trading their own goods and services in their own stores, and also in their own on-line stores, using their own secure internal internet. They receive continuous business support at every level to ensure successful commerce throughout the enterprise globally, and within their own community. Each individual person will receive full support to climb that golden upward economic ladder, always with the support of their own enterprise and their

own stores, based on their individual contributions of labor and/or capital investment as a member owner, or as an employee- owner. Every poor person will become a middle class owner, always with the support of fellow new capitalists, in their own global corporation, and everyone therefore has the opportunity to have a living wage job, and live in a prosperous economic community, anywhere in the world.

Please read, download and print the 36 page details, the "Entire MCC Paradigm" on the top bar to see how we can all join together to develop and build the people’s global corporation called the Independent Peoples Global Enterprise. A new principle of “economic equilibrium” is developed throughout the world in which there is a balance of economic power and influence with the rich. Working together as global citizens in our own global enterprise will create the most powerful enterprise on earth to be able to bring prosperity, justice and world peace, once and for all time, in a beautiful world.

Are you tired of working people not receiving a living wage? Shouldn’t all of us have the opportunity to work and be able to continuously grow our wealth, have a roof over our heads, feed our children, have good healthcare, a good education or vocation, enjoy economic security with a good retirement, and protection during recession? All lessons of history tell us that only those with strong economic power and influence can gain and maintain great wealth. The Independent People’s Global Enterprise with your help will become the most powerful and influential corporation on earth, with all profits after expenses going to the working class and the poor, as they climb the golden ladder of upward economic mobility. 

The Independent Peoples Global Enterprise will always provide the continuous business support for your own powerful global enterprise with your stores everywhere. Together the people develop their own internal prosperous commerce in their own communities in a new economic system called Middle Class Capitalism.

I have designed a solution, a brand new economic paradigm, that I call Middle Class Capitalism for all people, all global citizens, who want to unite together economically, and achieve lasting prosperity for all. The Independent People’s Global Enterprise, your enterprise believes that every person that works has a right to a living wage with upward economic mobility in a strong and secure economy owned and controlled by you. All profits of the people’s global corporation go to you, the working class, and with the help of the enterprise and the other working class owners, the poor are also given the opportunity for upward economic mobility as owners in their own corporation.

Middle Class Capitalism


Of the People, For the People, and Owned & Controlled by the People

​​Our journey to global economic prosperity for the working class and the less fortunate begins here. My name is William Curtis Woolf, the founder and facilitator for middle class capitalism. I have 40 years of top level corporate and government experience. As a dedicated global citizen I have researched history and the globe for a decade, for every possible method and system to permanently eliminate poverty and to provide prosperity. The Independent Peoples Global Enterprise is the answer to accomplish this—and without the need of government or politics. We are in the early stages of this groundbreaking solution. The first step is to form a Charter of 100 persons to work with us in promoting and developing our

strategies. If you are interested in standing with us to stamp out poverty and bring living wages to hard working citizens globally, then click below on the “Become a Charter Member” for further details on how to actively promote prosperity. 

Or, if you aren’t quite ready to take action in this way, but want your voice to be counted, then click below on “Become a New Capitalist (Neo-Cap)” and submit your email. By doing so, you are simply stating that you want to see an end to poverty and live in a world where there is prosperity for all.  Your time is very valuable, so as a thank you, when you submit your email in either of these ways, you will receive a certificate that will entitle you to a free share in the Independent Peoples Global Enterprise upon its incorporation.

Please continue to peruse the site and familiarize yourself with middle class capitalism. The slideshow to the right highlights key terminology and other initiatives that we are promoting. On the main menu bar, my “Entire MCC Paradigm” provides further details about middle class capitalism and gives you a short narrative of the “People’s Journey to Prosperity”.

Now is the time for you the people to let your courageous voices be heard. The people can only prosper when we harness for ourselves the same power and influence that only the largest multi-national crony capitalists have. We the people will therefore join together with whatever resources we can provide for our own economic power in our own global enterprise.  Only through our own independent power is it possible for the people everywhere to keep prosperity that empowers us to bring lasting justice and peace for all people.

We want to hear from you! We would like to hear your thoughts, ideas, or outrage at the current imbalance of economic power between the top few and the multitudes of working class. We would like to hear about your impressions of the middle class capitalism paradigm. It is crucial to get this very important conversation going globally among yourselves, throughout university student associations, media forums and any other global outlet so we can make this a reality.

The Independent Peoples Global Enterprise

Prosperity For All!

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