Become a New Capitalist

Become a New Capitalist


Become a New Capitalist (Neo-Cap) and join our revolutionary alternative for economic independence. As a New Capitalist, you are simply declaring that you want to join us to develop prosperity and end poverty. You are joining your voice with ours to say that you are fed up with working people not receiving a living wage. You are declaring that every person globally should have the opportunity to work and be able to continuously grow their wealth. We have the right to have a roof over our heads, feed our children, have good healthcare, a good education or vocation, enjoy economic security with a good retirement, and protection during recession. All lessons of history tell us that only those with strong economic power and influence can gain and maintain great wealth. Today’s giant global corporations provide the greatest wealth ever but profits go to only a select few. 

As a Neo-Cap, you will receive a certificate for a free share in The Independent People’s Global Enterprise upon its incorporation and you will be a part of the new, fair economic solution called Middle Class Capitalism. The People’s Independent Global Enterprise is a micro-economic system that incorporates the middle class capitalism (MCC) solution for economic prosperity. 

Middle Class Capitalism (MCC) is a brand of “good” capitalism that is a pure and fair system where we the people invest together to build our own very powerful private multi-national Global Enterprise for personal profit, without the need of government, wall-street or other large global corporations. It is a new capitalism whereby any middle class, small business or less fortunate persons can join together to secure and grow their income..

Economic equilibrium is a basic principle behind middle class capitalism. Only in a balanced capitalist economy can there be an equilibrium of economic power and influence among the rich and the people that can build lasting prosperity for all. Middle Class Capitalism(MCC) is a brand of fair and just free market capitalism designed to empower the working class and poor to reach economic freedom and sustainability. 

Just click on “become a NeoCap” and enter your name and email information. You will receive a certificate for a free share in The Independent People’s Global Enterprise upon its incorporation and will receive New Capitalist updates as our journey to prosperity progresses.

You can also declare economic independence for all
and/or become one of the first 100 charter members in the Peoples Global Network. 

For in-depth details about middle class capitalism and what it means to be a new capitalist, go to the MCC Technical Book, Chapter 1: Details of Middle Class Capitalism.

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