The People's Network

There has never before been a massive for profit global enterprise with a network of stores worldwide that provides almost all of the everyday retail products and services for its owners. The owners are the PEOPLE everywhere that are all middle class or even less fortunate persons that the enterprise network empowers and supports to become middle class owner-members, or even more. All net profits go entirely to its owner-members based on the percentage each individual owner is able to invest, or based on the value of their labor or other resources that they can safely afford to contribute in their own huge international enterprise. This is the New Middle Class Capitalism economic system that will benefit everyone, including the rich. It is the people’s strong and balanced global economic system of growing and lasting prosperity for all. This is good capitalism that provides good profits and upward economic mobility for all the people in their own extraordinary People’s Global Enterprise.

The people’s Middle Class Capitalism is a simple economic concept. It is a new kind of self-reliant and self-sustaining economic system for the middle class, and even poor and less fortunate. It empowers the people to join together with their safely affordable contributions as owners in the global enterprise, or owners of market stores to ensure their own growing prosperity and economic security in their own best interest. They do not need the government, large corporate economic assistance or Wall Street. The people own their own banks or credit unions in their own global enterprise. It provides almost everyone an unprecedented opportunity and strong support system to be successful in growing their own wealth and achieving upward economic mobility. Together, with large multitudes of middle class and less fortunate investors globally, they build their very own vast network of powerful stores and businesses everywhere that provides their everyday needs and wants in their own community. Together, they develop a new kind of economic system that builds and secures the strongest middle class ownership possible to grow and keep their own prosperity, even during recessions. They have more influence with their government than all other global enterprises combined.

Economic Equilibrium is the basic principle behind Middle Class Capitalism. Only in a balanced capitalist economy can there be an equilibrium of economic power and influence among the rich and the People that can build lasting prosperity for all. The peoples Middle Class Capitalism is the new economic system of fair and just free market capitalism. The current capitalist system strongly favors the already rich through crony capitalism. Middle Class Capitalism is designed to empower the people to become as powerful and influential as the rich in a fair and balanced economic system. It spreads throughout the world based on the power of its “Integrated Universal Competition.” It provides unlimited competition, strong incentives, and business support for every owner-member and all affiliates at every level within the global enterprise. There is universal competition between all owner-members, between market stores, between small business affiliates, between affiliated regional community economic organizations, between affiliated student organizations, and between owners and affiliates in all countries. There is also business support and strong lucrative incentives at every level of the enterprise that is beneficial to all of the many millions of everyday people globally that become owner-members. They all join together everywhere to create the people’s largest pool of capital ever. The people’s global enterprise is designed to use the people’s capital to be the most powerful enterprise ever. It will engage in brutal winning competition with the retail giant competitors through Integrated Universal Competition. Much like the retail giants of today competed with and replaced most smaller retailers and small businesses worldwide in a relatively few years, the people’s global enterprise will compete with and replace most current crony retail giants in the world that provide most of the people’s everyday goods and services. This is good capitalism that delivers success and good profits for everyone at every level of their own global enterprise through Integrated Universal Capitalism.

The Capitalist Owners Global: COG Company Enterprise and COG-CO Market Stores

The people’s Middle Class Capitalism is a powerful network of stores and businesses everywhere that are part of a single for-profit people’s global enterprise called the CAPITALIST OWNERS GLOBAL (COG). It is the COG Enterprise referred to as the COG Company of global COG-CO stores. All COG members, including employees, are cogs generating the most powerful wheel of production and prosperity ever. All middle class and even poor persons, and all small businesses everywhere can join the enterprise to become an owner-member in their own powerful network of businesses and stores throughout the world. Every owner-member is also supported as a member of the separate new independent Peoples Network. This is a non-profit organization owned and controlled entirely by its members. The Network is the people’s guardian developed to be a professional business economic support system. It is dedicated to provide every owner-member the professional business assistance, and the economic protections and security necessary to climb the economic ladder. Working together they will all climb the ladder of growing prosperity, and build the strongest and most enduring economy ever. They will become the most powerful and influential economic force on earth. As millions of people join as owners, the number of stores and the amount of profit grows exponentially for all, the overall economy flourishes, and there is growing prosperity for everyone, including the rich. They will form strong fair alliances with the wealthy international industries and wholesalers that provide them the best prices and deals for their everyday goods for their stores. Through the power of good capitalism, the people will all receive good profits based on the amount of their affordable investments in their own super-company of stores everywhere.

The independent and separate “non-profit” Peoples Global Enterprise Network provides the checks and balances to ensure that the “for-profit” Capitalist Owners Global Company executives are always acting in their owner-member’s best interests to meet or exceed the core principles for executives. This includes expanding growth in net profits that must go to their owner-members as required, based on their investment. All owner-members work together to assist and ensure that every member has every opportunity possible to grow their wealth, resulting in overall prosperity for everyone, including the rich. However, the wealthy few giants that formerly provided the people’s everyday goods and services are soon to be the relics of the past. Together, the people are the new millennium capitalism leaders building a secure prosperous future for everyone.

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