This new government/private business/citizen partnership paradigm will benefit almost every business, every home and every individual, and renewable energy will be provided everywhere by the powerful energy companies. Energy companies know that most carbon for energy will be depleted in the not so distant future, and it becomes increasingly harder to extract and process every day. This is the ultimate energy paradigm solution for powerful energy companies to transfer carbon energy to independent renewable energy units, for the benefit of all. It is critical that we move away from central energy systems as soon as possible as a matter of national security. These community power systems are vulnerable to catastrophic failure due to terrorist and cyber attack. All central energy systems should be transferred to 100% independent renewable energy units that include every home, business, mall, and all other energy units. The technology is here now, and will be improved dramatically and efficiently with all new renewable energy and research.


An “energy unit” of carbon energy or renewable energy is the amount of energy produced by the specific carbon units transferred as renewable units, such as BTU’s produced. Congress will provide subsidies and credits to carbon producing energy industries that transfer carbon energy units in exchange for renewable energy units. This is a “public policy incentive” to reduce carbon that will be depleted sometime in the future, in exchange for producing renewable energy to replace the depleted carbon for all future energy needs. For every “carbon energy unit” transferred to a “renewable energy unit,” the transferring company will receive a “public policy incentive” that is of equal or greater dollar value than the current market dollar value of the carbon energy units transferred. All credits and subsidies are based on the profit/loss annual amount of carbon energy units of the transferring industry, compared to the profit/loss of the same annual amount of the renewable energy units transferred, based on the annual financial statements. The “public policy incentives” will help enable the renewable transfer industry to be as profitable, or even more profitable than their carbon transfer industry. This will result in reduced and then eliminated public credit or subsidy losses due to the renewable energy transfers made to replace current and future depleted carbon energy. Tax credits and government guaranteed low interest loans and/or tax credits will be made as a “public policy incentive” to all individuals and businesses for all renewable energy systems, products and loans provided to them. This includes all transfer companies, property owners, utilities, companies, businesses, individuals and utilities that install or provide any renewable energy system or products. Central power energy systems will also start to move or transfer energy to independent renewable energy system units for all homes, businesses, parks, malls, etc. as a national security measure to avoid catastrophic failure due to terrorist or cyber attack. Renewable energy products include solar panels, wind generators, batteries, vehicles, or any other renewable energy product or energy system.

In summary, large energy companies will provide large scale renewable energy systems and products everywhere and receive greater profits than before as an incentive to replace carbon energy profits, and every business and individual receives renewable energy products with government or energy company loans that are repaid with reduced or eliminated energy costs. Only when equitable public policy incentives are provided to both large capable renewable energy suppliers and general public energy users will there be large scale renewable energy that replaces depleted carbon energy in a relatively short period of time. Renewable energy transfer companies receive greater profits than before, and individuals and businesses receive lower or eliminated energy costs. Public policy incentives are also reduced and eliminated with repaid loans and a very prosperous new economy that provides huge government revenues, good paying jobs and upward mobility. Everyone benefits with the new equitable Energy Unit Transfer Policy and laws.

The expedited renewable
​energy solution

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