Chapter 2 - Middle Class Capitalism Promotion and Marketing

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Middle Class Capitalism Philosophy and Symbolism

Middle Class Capitalism Promotion and Marketing

A strong Middle Class is the foundation of enduring economic prosperity. The People must join together to build their own secure and strong prosperity! 

Starting and Marketing the Middle Class Capitalism Concept 

The greatest challenge is how to start and grow the MCC concept. The ultimate goal is for vast multitudes of middle class persons, small businesses and even the poor to combine their capital and resources together to develop and grow a multi-billion dollar network of businesses they own. This obviously involves a very large number of member-owners to purchase and develop a powerful network of for-profit COG-CO businesses and stores. They will engage in the brutal competition of capitalism everywhere. They will compete with the existing large corporations that currently provide the products and services that the COG-CO stores will eventually provide for its owner-members everywhere. It is not going to happen overnight. The non-profit Middle Class Capitalist Network will promote, market, support and assist all middle class and poor person members in becoming successful owners in the COG Enterprise for-profit network of businesses. The People’s Network Facilitator’s strategy is to promote and market the concept for the masses through all venues possible to start national conversations about the concept, including the internet, media, universities etc. This includes developing COG Economic Community Organizations, similar to Rotary Clubs; developing Middle Class Capitalism leaders through Student Associations in universities everywhere, as they are the future leaders of the world, and having creative catalysts and accelerators called the People’s Capitalism Games. 

The People’s Capitalism Games: The Accelerators 

There are many strong incentives for promoters of the Middle Class Capitalism system as noted below. Strong marketing from high profile promoters or benevolent billionaires seeking a great legacy will generate the publicity necessary to jump-start Middle Class Capitalism. This includes marketing accelerators for the People’s Capitalism Games and promotion for the free starter shares. Every new member receives a starter share and becomes an instant owner in their own COG Enterprise. They also receive a coupon for 100 shares as an incentive to climb the Golden Ladder of Prosperity in the system of Middle Class Capitalism. These 100 shares are awarded after the owner-member has a total investment in 100 shares or greater in any Cog Enterprise Investment Offerings. New members that enter the People’s Capitalism Games will also become owners of the games themselves, and will receive an equal share in the profits of the games. They will also be entered into the annual Golden Ladder of Prosperity Prize expected to be one of the largest ever. These are the catalysts to jump-start and accelerate the growth of Middle Class Capitalism. These MCC incentives are sure to attract most people to the People’s Capitalism Games. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Imagine a dream world where there is a Grand Alliance with the wealthy. There are magnificent events and celebrations in a game to empower the less fortunate to achieve their personal dreams of enduring prosperity. This is the People’s Capitalism Games. In these games the rich sponsor the less fortunate. It is noted that anyone that enters the games can participate in all of the game incentives and benefits regardless of whether they have a sponsor. They can enter and become a successful business owner in their own network of powerful businesses and stores, if they Act. The Peoples Capitalism Game theme is: 
“Nothing is for those who Dream and Nap, Success is for those who Dream and Act.” Now imagine that the dream world is actually real and the Grand Alliance endures. The Golden Ladder of Prosperity is discovered, and the Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity begins. See Game details in Chapter 4.

High Profile Promoters and Incentives

The Middle Class Capitalism system and games marketing includes many incentives for very high profile promoters and benevolent billionaires interested in creating one of the greatest legacies ever. They will understand the creativity of the games to be a catalyst and accelerator for one of the most popular and successful concepts ever. The promoters will have one of the greatest marketing tools ever with this system. Along with the Grand Alliance Sponsors Award , the promoters and sponsors receive unprecedented advertising and marketing opportunities, profits from the games, and their companies’ profits soar. They will be able to provide the international attention needed to market and propel it to the most anticipated game ever. They will understand that the game will be financially beneficial to not only the less fortunate game Pledgers and member-owners, but also the wealthy sponsors and promoters. The promoters will be able to attract the support of the wealthy international sponsors that will promote their favorite Pledgers in the game. They will understand the significance of a game that really does provide a Grand Alliance between the rich and less fortunate like never before. They will understand the spin off potential for books, movies, videos, etc, are unlimited, as are the profits. 

People’s Economic Community Organizations and MCC Board Members

In addition to the Middle Class Capitalism system accelerators, all member-owners will join together to establish and develop their own individual People’s Economic Community organizations, similar to community Rotary Clubs. These economic communities can organize according to city, region, or any other mutual economic objectives. The MCC system is a promising contributor to world peace as it strives to achieve greater prosperity for everyone. Members will work together in their organizations to promote and market the new Middle Class Capitalism through support of the People’s Network. They will join together to help each other find better ways for the COG Enterprise and the People’s Network to operate and promote the most productive and efficient business ideas possible. They will work together to achieve the best ways to achieve the overall objectives and goals of buying and/or developing and accelerating the powerful network of COG Enterprise businesses and associated small businesses. As the concept grows in recognition and there are enough middle class persons, poor persons and small business members that have pledged their interest in investing their safely affordable capital resources together, the Network Facilitator will coordinate their efforts with professional experts to determine the best COG-CO businesses and stores to start and develop the overall network of businesses. These economic community organizations and all People’s Network and COG member-owners will then move forward toward their overall objective to grow their wealth in a secure internal environment they are creating for themselves. They will work together by helping each other create more wealth for the benefit of all. Constructive ideas will be posted on the MCC website for the consideration of all People’s Economic Community Organizations and their members. 

Middle Class Capitalism Student Associations and Future Leaders 

The website facilitator will send letters to student organizations and student newspapers inviting all student organizations, and all other students to be the new capitalist leaders in starting and implementing the People’s New Middle Class Capitalism. They will be invited to start and develop their own Middle Class Capitalism Student Associations to be the leaders in building a strong, powerful and influential middle class capitalism for lasting prosperity for future generations. Students are the future leaders of the world. They will have the enthusiasm, tenacity, and the spirit that will make Middle Class Capitalism work to bring lasting prosperity for everyone.

The People’s Global Enterprise Network Original Board Members

All student organizations and associations will automatically become Charter Association Members with a simple request to be a member at the e-mail address below. In addition, the first 50 students and the first 50 other persons that submit letters of interest based on the following agreed terms and provisions will become the first 100 individual Original Charter Members of the People’s Global Enterprise Network. There are no fees involved. The first 100 persons that send an e-mail to, based on time and date the e-mail is received, and that meets all of the following terms will become the first 100 Original Charter Members.

  1. All letters of interest from individuals must have a narrative not to exceed 500 words. The narrative must state if you are a student, your college or your status otherwise. You must include a short description of your full and complete understanding of the Middle Class Capitalism economic system at Your understanding must include at least three specific ideas that will be shared with the other 100 original members regarding how you would specifically help start and be successful in the development and implementation of the Middle Class Capitalism economic system. Letters must also state that you are dedicated to work a few hours per week to support and promote its development as an original charter member of the online People’s Global Enterprise Network. It must also state your abilities and skills that will make you a strong and capable leader in the development of the system.
  2. Persons that are also interested in being one of the first five Board of Director Members of the People’s Global Enterprise Network must also specify their interest in their 500 word narrative. The five Board of Director members will be selected by one vote of each new Charter Student Association that becomes a member, and by the votes of each of the new 100 original Charter Members. Selection will be based on the best five narratives showing the strongest commitment and dedication in their narrative to lead, along with the best ideas they have submitted for review by the other members. The website facilitator will be the temporary facilitator until the Network Board is selected and organized, and the People’s Global Enterprise CEO and Executives are in place and operational.
Chapter 3 - Middle Class Capitalism Philosophy and Symbolism
Chapter 2 - Middle Class Capitalism Promotion and Marketing

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