DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF CAPITALISM: “An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Middle Class Capitalism is a pure and fair micro-economic system where the People invest together to build their own very powerful private multi-national People’s Global Enterprise for personal profit, without the need of government, wall street, or other large multi-national global enterprises. CW

Recurring recessions and economic downturns will continue and Middle Class income is declining. The middle class, small businesses and the poor cannot depend on large business, banks or government to assist or protect them during recessions or other economic hardships and shrinking income they had no part in creating.

The Basic Rule of Economics. The very wealthy in general have always, and will always, use their power to increase their fortune in their “own” self interest, often to the detriment of the less fortunate. That cannot change as it is economic human nature.

The New Middle Class Capitalism is the new capitalism whereby any middle class, small business or even poor persons, can join together in the largest numbers possible to grow and secure their income. Most importantly they can invest only the amount of capital and/or labor assets they are determined to be able to safely afford in their own network of powerful businesses and stores. Therefore, the people must build a self-reliant and self-sufficient economy that empowers the people.

The Golden Rule of Economics. Since you cannot change the Basic Rule, the less fortunate must be empowered to create a balance of economic power and influence with the very wealthy. Only in a capitalist system of economic equilibrium in a grand alliance with the wealthy can the people achieve lasting prosperity for all. Thus the Golden Rule of Prosperity:


The Middle Class Capitalism Details 
There has never before been a massive for profit global enterprise with a network of stores worldwide that provides almost all of the everyday retail products and services for its owners. The owners are the PEOPLE everywhere that are all middle class or even less fortunate persons that the enterprise network empowers and supports to become middle class owner-members, or even more. All net profits go entirely to its owner-members based on the percentage each individual owner is able to invest, or based on the value of their labor or other resources that they can safely afford to contribute in their own huge international enterprise. This is the New Middle Class Capitalism economic system that will benefit everyone, including the rich. It is the people’s strong and balanced global economic system of growing and lasting prosperity for all. This is good capitalism that provides good profits and upward economic mobility for all the people in their own extraordinary People’s Global Enterprise.

The people’s Middle Class Capitalism is a simple economic concept. It is a new kind of self-reliant and self-sustaining economic system for the middle class, and even poor and less fortunate. It empowers the people to join together with their safely affordable contributions as owners in the global enterprise, or owners of market stores to ensure their own growing prosperity and economic security in their own best interest. They do not need the government, large corporate economic assistance or Wall Street. The people own their own banks or credit unions in their own global enterprise. It provides almost everyone an unprecedented opportunity and strong support system to be successful in growing their own wealth and achieving upward economic mobility. Together, with large multitudes of middle class and less fortunate investors globally, they build their very own vast network of powerful stores and businesses everywhere that provides their everyday needs and wants in their own community. Together, they develop a new kind of economic system that builds and secures the strongest middle class ownership possible to grow and keep their own prosperity, even during recessions. They have more influence with their government than all other global enterprises combined.

Economic Equilibrium is the basic principle behind Middle Class Capitalism. Only in a balanced capitalist economy can there be an equilibrium of economic power and influence among the rich and the People that can build lasting prosperity for all. The peoples Middle Class Capitalism is the new economic system of fair and just free market capitalism. The current capitalist system strongly favors the already rich through crony capitalism. Middle Class Capitalism is designed to empower the people to become as powerful and influential as the rich in a fair and balanced economic system. It spreads throughout the world based on the power of its “Integrated Universal Competition.” It provides unlimited competition, strong incentives, and business support for every owner-member and all affiliates at every level within the global enterprise. There is universal competition between all owner-members, between market stores, between small business affiliates, between affiliated regional community economic organizations, between affiliated student organizations, and between owners and affiliates in all countries. There is also business support and strong lucrative incentives at every level of the enterprise that is beneficial to all of the many millions of everyday people globally that become owner-members. They all join together everywhere to create the people’s largest pool of capital ever. The people’s global enterprise is designed to use the people’s capital to be the most powerful enterprise ever. It will engage in brutal winning competition with the retail giant competitors through Integrated Universal Competition. Much like the retail giants of today competed with and replaced most smaller retailers and small businesses worldwide in a relatively few years, the people’s global enterprise will compete with and replace most current crony retail giants in the world that provide most of the people’s everyday goods and services. This is good capitalism that delivers success and good profits for everyone at every level of their own global enterprise through Integrated Universal Capitalism.

The Capitalist Owners Global: COG Company Enterprise and COG-CO Market Stores
The people’s Middle Class Capitalism is a powerful network of stores and businesses everywhere that are part of a single for-profit people’s global enterprise called the CAPITALIST OWNERS GLOBAL (COG). It is the COG Enterprise referred to as the COG Company of global COG-CO stores. All COG members, including employees, are cogs generating the most powerful wheel of production and prosperity ever. All middle class and even poor persons, and all small businesses everywhere can join the enterprise to become an owner-member in their own powerful network of businesses and stores throughout the world. Every owner-member is also supported as a member of the separate new independent Peoples Network. This is a non-profit organization owned and controlled entirely by its members. The Network is the people’s guardian developed to be a professional business economic support system. It is dedicated to provide every owner-member the professional business assistance, and the economic protections and security necessary to climb the economic ladder. Working together they will all climb the ladder of growing prosperity, and build the strongest and most enduring economy ever. They will become the most powerful and influential economic force on earth. As millions of people join as owners, the number of stores and the amount of profit grows exponentially for all, the overall economy flourishes, and there is growing prosperity for everyone, including the rich. They will form strong fair alliances with the wealthy international industries and wholesalers that provide them the best prices and deals for their everyday goods for their stores. Through the power of good capitalism, the people will all receive good profits based on the amount of their affordable investments in their own super-company of stores everywhere.

The independent and separate “non-profit” Peoples Global Enterprise Network provides the checks and balances to ensure that the “for-profit” Capitalist Owners Global Company executives are always acting in their owner-member’s best interests to meet or exceed the core principles for executives. This includes expanding growth in net profits that must go to their owner-members as required, based on their investment. All owner-members work together to assist and ensure that every member has every opportunity possible to grow their wealth, resulting in overall prosperity for everyone, including the rich. However, the wealthy few giants that formerly provided the people’s everyday goods and services are soon to be the relics of the past. Together, the people are the new millennium capitalism leaders building a secure prosperous future for everyone.

The basics start with the Integrated Universal Competition within the private for-profit People’s Enterprise.

Integrated Universal Competition

Definition of Integrated Universal Competition.
Integrated Universal Competition produces the best possible Equilibrium Index for the optimum energy and power of the micro-economic system of the people’s global enterprise. The primary measurement for success and profits for the individual stock owners of any individual enterprise market store is the Equilibrium Price/Profit Index. It is the ratio of the highest profits for its market store owners, with the most competitive costs of goods and services in their individual market stores in their region. Market store owners include anyone anywhere that buys premium stock in any individual market store anywhere. All employees of all market stores are premium owners that receive stock as a part of their wages, and can purchase more stock if they can afford it. Individual owners of each store set their own prices to fuel the integrated universal competition that provides every opportunity and incentive possible for internal competition at every level in every direction between every organizational cog in the overall enterprise. They also compete externally with targeted crony retail giants that sell their everyday goods and services. Capitalist Owners Global or “COG” is the origin for the name of Cog Enterprise or COG Company of Cog-Co Market Stores that are a part of the people’s global enterprise.

How Integrated Universal Competition Works.
The Cog’s are the individual enterprise owners and market stores, and all associated store coalitions, small businesses, economic communities, student associations and all other Cog’s working together in unison. Each Cog produces its individual equilibrium in the synchronized wheel of optimum synergy of the overall balanced global enterprise. This synergy provides the optimum power and profits for each individual Cog. It also produces the strongest and most powerful economic weapon possible for the brutal competition for success between The Independent Peoples Global Enterprise and its market stores, against the “targeted” crony giant multi-national companies, corporations or enterprises. Target Competition is the store owners in each regional economic community deciding by majority vote, the specific targeted retail goods and services that they want to sell in their stores in their region. This is all part of the Integrated Universal Competition in the Independent People’s Global Enterprise.

There are two ways to buy stock in the Independent Peoples Global Enterprise. The premium stock is all stock in any enterprise market store. General Stock is all stock in the global enterprise. Any investor can buy either kind of stock whenever they choose to do so. No investor can invest over One Million Dollars per year in stocks, as a provision of Middle Class Capitalism, as a precaution against predator company takeovers. Premium stock owners generate their own profits as primary owners of their individual market stores, with no limit in the number or locations of different market stores they can be owners of. General stock owners generate profits from their overall global enterprise. All of these market stores compete with each other by setting their own prices of retail goods and services in their stores, to achieve the best Equilibrium Index for the best profits, benefits and awards provided by the global enterprise. Store owners of any store can coalesce with other store owners of any other market store. Every new retail enterprise market store, or coalition of stores can compete with and replace any crony giant general retail store or service in their region, that sells the retail goods and services that the individual store owners decide to sell. Also, individual owners, individual stores, and coalitions of stores, all compete against each other in the overall non-violent but brutal economic war of Integrated Universal Competition. These new market store owners are the new capitalists (Neo-Caps) in the Great Economic Revolution. They compete continuously with other stores and businesses everywhere, both externally with giant crony corporations, and internally against each others market stores, for the best profits and awards of any other store.

The people’s global enterprise will collateralize and facilitate the purchase of all of the individual people’s stores worldwide. The people’s enterprise will provide the lowest cost products and services to be sold at all individual retail stores. The new owners of each store will invest whatever they can safely afford along with as many other new owners as it takes to support the purchase of each of their individual market stores. Through Target Competition each market store will replace individual crony multi-national stores they choose to target, such as any crony giant retail store selling their everyday goods and services. The primary measurement for success and profits for the new stock owners of that store, or any other market store is primarily The Equilibrium Index. Excellent incentives for various awards and benefits are also provided at every level of every Cog for owners and stores; and, all associated economic communities, student organizations and other affiliations. This is all part of Integrated Universal Competition.

The Equilibrium Index (EI).

The objective of each store is to achieve the best price/profit ratio for the best profits for its individual store owners. Owners of the individual stores can adjust their retail prices accordingly for their best competitive edge for greater profits, awards and benefits provided by their global enterprise. Generally, the best Equilibrium Index is the highest profits for its market’s owners, with the most competitive costs of goods and services in their market stores. Adjusting for higher or lower prices of goods and services in their stores provides the integrated universal competition for all of the people’s market stores. They all compete with each other’s retail prices, profits and management in order to have the best Equilibrium Price/Profit Index for the most competitive prices that achieve the highest profits for its individual store owners, and to compete and replace targeted crony retail corporation retail stores. This is in addition to the various awards and benefits discussed in the next paragraphs.

Enterprise Wholesale and Retail Purchases of Goods and Services.
The Independent People’s Global Enterprise includes the lowest possible wholesale purchase price of all goods and services for all of the people’s stores, after all of the operating expenses necessary to manage and deliver them to the people’s market stores. Each store then sets their own retail prices for all of their retail sales of goods and services to the general public to include sales to all of the enterprise owners. Each store makes this determination to achieve the best Equilibrium Price/Profit Index for greater profits, benefits and rewards. All people’s market stores and associated private small businesses will have access to the lowest and best wholesale prices that can be obtained nationally or internationally by their Independent Peoples Global Enterprise. The lowest wholesale prices should result in the most competitive retail prices for the primary goods and services for all of their market stores, and most of the associated small businesses. Other secondary wholesale purchases anywhere can also be made by enterprise market stores and associated small businesses to ensure optimum competition between all stores. All stores have the option of adjusting their retail prices to achieve maximum gains, awards, benefits and profits for their store owners. 

People’s Network Annual Audits.
This overall for profit global enterprise purchase system of wholesale goods and services is audited annually by each regional People’s Non-Profit Network, that is also owned and controlled by the member-owners. This provides the owners control and accountability for maximum efficiency and profits from their for-profit global enterprise, as audited by their non-profit People’s Network for all the people’s owners and their market stores. This is necessary for fair internal competition for individual owners and store profits, and for absolute credibility for the public and all enterprise owners.

People’s Marketplace Owners Competition. The Annual Market Store Awards.
Premium stock owners of each individual People’s Market Stores, by majority vote of primary owners will be able to adjust the price/profit index of all of their market stores. In other words a majority of owners can adjust prices of their marketplace goods upward to achieve higher prices for profits, but will have to pay higher prices for their goods in that marketplace. Or, they can lower prices of the goods in their marketplaces, but will receive lower profits. Each marketplace of primary owners is in competition with every other market store primary owners to achieve the best Equilibrium Index (EI) or economic equilibrium for their individual marketplace. The best Equilibrium Index is the highest profits for its market’s owners, with the most competitive costs of goods and services in their market stores. Each market store competes with other market stores for the best market results for their primary owners.

Measuring the Results: Competitive prices are adjusted by owners of each marketplace for greater profits and/or lower prices for their store owners. Their objective is to achieve the best annual Price/Profit Index and Awards for their type of market store in each Economic Community region. Each region of market stores has an Economic Community Association in their established regions or areas. They are established to promote maximum competition for the Equilibrium Index Awards between retail stores in their regions. The Economic Community Association provides the annual ceremony to provide the Annual Awards for their regional stores. The Independent Peoples Global Enterprise also provides additional Awards. All owners of the market stores winning the Equilibrium Index Award receive 10 % discounts for all premium or general stock that their owners purchase over the next fiscal year after the awards are presented. Winning stores also receive an additional 5% discount for the wholesale goods and services provided by the people’s enterprise over the next year to the market and private small business stores that win. Discounts for winning owners apply only through the next year. That should increase profits for all premium owners winning that year, and will provide a better chance to win the Equilibrium Index Award for the next year. Stores must compete every year, and win to receive these annual discounts.

People’s Economic Community Competition. The Annual Equilibrium Index Award.
Every market store will compete with every other store for the best price/profit Equilibrium Index (EI) in their People’s Economic Community. The most profitable market store coalitions within their economic community region will attract the most overall premium owners for their enterprise stores. Anyone, anywhere can be an owner of any enterprise store. Coalitions of store owners, economic communities, small business owners, and individual owners are all part of the Middle Class Capitalism economic system that will all compete against each other, and against the giant crony retail corporations in the powerful Integrated Universal Competition everywhere throughout the world. Each Economic Community Association will also compete for the annual Economic Community Equilibrium Awards by competing against every other regional Economic Community regionally, nationally and globally. This is integrated universal competition for Enterprise Awards at every level of the Independent People’s Global Enterprise. 

Associated and Affiliate Private Small Businesses.

The primary distinction between a private small business owner store and an enterprise market store is there is no enterprise stock ownership in any private small business. Private Small Businesses are owned by private individuals, separate from ownership in the global enterprise and its stores. However, anyone including their employees can be global enterprise market store owners. All new private business store owners must have an “initial” net annual income of less than one million dollars to be an Associate or Affiliate private small business owner as a provision of Middle Class ownership. The goal is to become as wealthy as possible thereafter. They will primarily provide various specialty retail goods and services that the enterprise market stores do not otherwise provide in their regions.

“Associated” Private Small Business Owners can receive their low cost wholesale goods and services that are provided by the global enterprise at 5% higher prices than other enterprise stores. They can also buy from any other supplier at any cost. These small businesses do not have to pay their employees a living wage. However, they do compete for employees understanding that enterprise store employees receive a living wage in their region. They can and do compete with enterprise stores for the best Equilibrium Index for best profits and enterprise awards. They are required to participate in most of the security protection and retirement benefits and programs. They are required to provide 10% of all of the small business employees wages in the Economic Security Protection and Retirement Fund of the people’s global enterprise. The employee owns these security funds.

“Affiliate” Private Small Business Owners are much like franchise owners. They must also pay a monthly franchise fee set by the enterprise, in addition to the 10% wages required for their employees to receive all the security and retirement benefits of other enterprise owners. However, they receive their wholesale goods and services at the same prices as all other enterprise stores for their retail sales, and they must pay their employees the same living wage as enterprise employees in their economic community region. They will also compete with enterprise stores, and other private business stores for the best Equilibrium Index for best profits and enterprise awards.

The Safely Afford Pledge and Free Share Incentives. 

Anyone with a net annual income less than one million dollars, as defined by Middle Class Capitalism, can become an owner-member. Every new member receives a starter share and becomes an instant owner in their own COG Enterprise network of COG-CO stores. They also receive a coupon for 100 shares as a strong incentive to climb the Golden Ladder of Prosperity in the system of Middle Class Capitalism. These 100 shares are awarded after the owner-member has a total investment in 100 shares or greater in the COG Enterprise. This immediately doubles their wealth in the Enterprise. Every new owner-member also becomes a member of the Middle Class Capitalism Network. They provide a confidential and completely non-binding investment pledge of any amount that they believe they could realistically and safely afford in the COG network of businesses. Persons that have “pledged” but have not actually invested are called Pledgers. The pledge itself might be an amount they would otherwise invest in a new smart phone, a new large screen TV, or even a new car that they can purchase later. The “pledge” is strictly non-binding and confidential information that the Pledger can safely afford the dollar amount pledged without it being a financial burden to themselves or their family. They must also pledge that their annual net worth is less than the one million dollar limit to be eligible as a middle class owner-member. The “safely afford pledge” is a basic principle of Middle Class Capitalism. The primary objective is to provide the support necessary to every new member to be able to increase their wealth in their own enterprise. If they invest more than they can afford it defeats the primary objective. The Middle Class Capitalism Network will confirm that they can safely afford the “pledge” before any actual investment is made in the COG Enterprise at a later date. Pledges may be increased, or changed in any way at any time by the Pledger based on the amount they believe they can safely afford prior to an actual investment in their enterprise. Investments can be made for individual general COG stocks in the overall COG Enterprise network of stores, or for enterprise special “Offerings” for investments in specific COG stores and businesses as the COG Enterprise is starting and expanding. In this case there must be enough pledges from enough overall Pledgers for the cost of these special Offerings. The pledge is deposited as a non-cash pledge in the COG-CO Internal Bank for every new owner-member for accounting purposes. When there are a sufficient number of overall pledges from new members for a specific COG Enterprise “Offering” to buy a new COG-CO store or business, the investment process will begin for that Offering.

The Special Offering Opportunity.

When the total overall non-binding pledges reach the total amount needed for a special Offering to purchase a specific COG-CO store or business, there is a real “Investment Call.” The Pledgers are still not committed, but will review the professional expert analysis provided by the investment experts of the independent guardian People’s Network, regarding the investment purchase of that specific offering. The Pledger can also provide their own separate experts for analysis. All Pledgers are then given the unprecedented opportunity to consider investing as a premium owner in that specific offering.

The Investment Call Final Pledge.

After the Investment Call is made for the specific offering, the Pledger must then decide whether or not to invest. If they make a final decision to invest after thorough analysis and due consideration, they then make their final pledge. They pledge that they are investing no more than they can safely afford and that it will not be a financial burden to their family or themselves. The guardian MCC Network then confirms their income and their investment pledge as credible and safely affordable. The final decision to invest must then be made by the set “Investment Date” for that specific Offering.

The Investment Date and Premium Ownership.

After the actual investment is made by the final “Investment Date” the Pledger investors will receive premium owner shares for that special offering based on the amount of their actual investment. They then become premium owners in the special Offering.

Redemption of the 100 Share Coupon: Golden Ladder Goal.

As noted, all new members also receive a free 100 starter share coupon. In order to provide an initial strong incentive to start and continue to grow their wealth, the new owner-member will receive strong support and assistance from the independent non-profit MCC Network. They will be able to safely start and continue the climb on the capitalist ladder to their first MCC Golden Ladder G o a l of investing in their first 100 shares. This is the MCC incentive for every new member to reach the goal needed by the new owner-member to redeem the free 100 starter shares coupon, and immediately double their wealth in their own enterprise.

Investment Limits and Profits.

Every Pledger investor is limited to a maximum annual investment of one million dollars. This is the amount determined by the definition of Middle Class Capitalism as a limit to be a new middle class investor. This one million dollar annual investment limit prevents takeover of the COG Enterprise by wealthy predator companies. The MCC guardian Network then ensures that all of the new investor-owner net profits go to all of the Pledger Owner Members based on their investments and free shares as required by Middle Class Capitalism.

Economic Security Details of the COG Enterprise and People’s Capitalism Network 

The COG Enterprise.The for-profit COG Enterprise and the independent non-profit Middle Class People’s Capitalism Network is designed as a micro-economic system that will prosper and endure even in the worst economies. The COG for-profit Enterprise is designed and structured to provide member-owners sustained income and growing wealth, with enduring economic security in any economy. It develops a vast network of businesses and stores that provides all or most of the goods and services needed or wanted by the owner-members. The prosperity, security and strength of the COG Enterprise middle class owners and their associated personally owned small businesses, will also ensure a strong middle class work force of employees. They will all prosper and benefit from the “new millennium middle class capitalism.” It is also the vehicle of support for the poor to climb the economic ladder to become middle class or even rich. All of these internal systems are designed to provide a synergistic effect of greater prosperity, success and economic security for their businesses, their employees and the owner-members.

The People’s Global Enterprise Network:The People’s Network. The People’s Global Enterprise Network, normally referred to as just the People’s Network, is an independent non-profit organization and facilitator. It is designed and dedicated specifically to provide continuous economic and business support for the middle class, small business and even the poor and less fortunate persons that become owner-members in the for-profit COG Enterprise and associated small businesses. In addition to the investment opportunity of the Middle Class Capitalism system, there are many special advantages for all members. The primary function of the People’s Network is to be an economic guardian of the members. They are the independent non-profit internal auditors that provide the checks and balances for their members in their for-profit COG Enterprise. The Network ensures that all members are provided with a variety of special benefits, discounts and economic support services. The COG Enterprise and associated independent Middle Class Capitalism Network economic systems are owned, controlled and supported by the owner-members. Ten percent of all of the owner-members profits received from the enterprise are automatically deposited in the owner-members own personal Economic Security Protection Fund. All deposits in all funds are owned by the members. The owner- members can also contribute any additional amount they want into their Economic Security Protection Fund. The COG Enterprise provides all of the following services and benefits to every owner-member:

The Economic Security Protection System.The Economic Security Protection System, owned and controlled by the members, is created to help every owner-member continue to keep their wealth after they have grown it. The MCC’s business system is specifically designed to provide economic security and a bridge of economic support for all members, and to prosper within its own micro-economic system through any economic downturn, recession or depression. The Economic Security Protection System provides stable and permanent economic support and security for all of the MCC owner-members for retirement and economic hardships. This system provides the funds from the owner-members profits to build each individual’s Retirement Trust Fund. The member, not the enterprise, owns it. The owner-members can also receive low or no interest cash bridge funds, and credible restructured loans from COG-CO banks or credit unions the member owns, all designed to provide the best economic assistance possible. This is a primary Middle Class Capitalism objective to be able to provide the support and assistance necessary to every owner- member to be able to survive and prosper through economic downturns and other individual hardships. Continued growth in wealth for every owner-member, even through the worst economies, will ensure continued future growth in wealth and economic security for all owner-members. The network will provide independent expert advisers to assist each owner regarding these special funds. The self reliant and self-sufficient micro-economy of all members being owners and buyers of their everyday products and services in their own network of stores provides a strong internal commerce for their owner-members, in addition to the general public, even through recessions. This will minimize most hardship cases while continuing to grow their wealth. In summary, Middle Class Capitalism is designed to endure and progress through any economy with growing wealth and economic security for every owner-member. 

The Poor to Middle Class Incentive Program: Golden Ladder Capitalist Support Award. A primary objective of MCC is to help poor owner-members become middle class and even more. The slogan is “we never leave behind fellow capitalists.” For every Support $1 that any middle class owner-member provides as a loan to any less fortunate poor member for purchase of stock in the COG Enterprise, they can purchase an additional Support $1 of stock for themselves at a Supporter Discount of 10%. The owners that provide the most Support Dollar Loans overall in their MCC award economic category, wins the Golden Ladder Capitalist Support Award. Recipients will receive additional COG Enterprise stock that is equal to the value of their award winning Supporter dollar loans for poor owner stock purchases. Loan repayment terms are between the Supporter and the poor owner-member, and can be repaid at any later date agreed. The loan is secured for the Supporter with the stock that is purchased. The People’s Network will confirm that the loan is safely affordable for both owner-members. It will provide both the poor owner and the Support Owner the incentives and support necessary to work together to help poor owner-members to safely afford to accelerate their climb on the golden ladder to middle class or even more. They will build their wealth together for the benefit of all owner-members.

The Retirement Trust Fund. The special Retirement Trust Fund is created as part of the Economic Security Protection System from the members’ retirement profits and contributions from the COG Enterprise. It is provided for all small business and other owner-members to build, keep, and have a permanent, secure and prosperous retirement and hardship fund. The owner-members, not the enterprise, own these funds. This is another way to ensure that every owner-member can keep their wealth after they have worked so hard to grow it. 

The COG Internal and Public Banks. In order to support and assist all member-owners in growing and keeping their wealth, every COG Enterprise owner-member is an owner in their own internal and public COG-CO banks or credit unions. They are necessary to facilitate the MCC internal commerce system. The “Internal COG Bank” will have only non-cash transactions. The internal bank is used for tracking the individual member pledges of affordable non-cash, non-binding deposits by members. They are used by members to keep track of the pledges they can convert later for an actual cash investment in the network of businesses, always upon being confirmed as safely affordable by the People’s Network. The People’s Network will also include public commercial banks or credit unions for all cash transactions, and affordable loans. The commercial COG-CO Banks or credit unions will be owned by the owner-members and open to the general public. The owner-members can also receive low or no interest cash bridge funds, and credible restructured loans from COG-CO commercial banks or credit unions the member owns, to be able to endure real hardships and economic downturns and recessions.

The Internal Biometric Secured Protection System. Fraud and identity theft have become one of the worst problems faced by business and individuals. The MCC system provides an identity protection guarantee plan for all members, secured with a biometric identity internal Internet system to ensure safe and secure trade and commerce for its owner- members and the general public. All transactions and information throughout the MCC system requires electronic fingerprint, eye scan or other biometric identification with GPS location and other protections. The protection guarantee system is provided to all owner-members, and is available to the general public making purchases at all COG- CO stores.

The Internal Commerce System Advantages. The MCC system provides beneficial and advantageous commerce and profits for all owner-members in all businesses. The internal commerce system will be an internal support system for the owner-members. It will continue to flourish even during recessions because the owner-members will continue to trade in an internal commerce that includes most or all of the products they want or need in companies they all own. All owner-members have COG Trade Cards. The cards can also be used for all member and public cash transactions at the COG-CO stores and member small businesses. There are no card charges for all COG owner-members and associated small businesses. As member-owners they will share in all COG Trade Card cash profits generated from COG commerce at all of their stores. Additional support and advantages:

  • The COG Enterprise will use professional experts previously only available to the wealthy and powerful for buying, developing and operating their network of businesses and stores. This includes buying bulk purchases with the lowest possible prices for its associated small businesses and its network of stores and businesses, and every other advantage that powerful wealthy capitalist companies enjoy. 
  • Expert management and business support and assistance are available for associated small businesses, their employees and all owner-members.
  • A worldwide business social network and internal internet for all owner-members is available for all member-owners to work together and to share their business ideas and expertise with other members, while protecting all proprietary business interests. It has a “security guarantee” for all owner-members with its Internal Biometric Protection System.

The People’s Global Enterprise Network Facilitator.
The People’s Network Facilitator is the coordinator for the non- profit Middle Class Network and its associated COG economic communities. It is created for the purpose of facilitating the joining together of middle class and small business persons that are interested in using their combined resources to be owners in their own network of for-profit COG-CO businesses. As members join together, the MCC website Facilitator will provide a forum to facilitate communication between them. The website Facilitator will initially promote and market the system to all venues to include media, universities, students, Internet marketing and small business venues. It will promote the Middle Class Capitalism Games as the worldwide catalyst and accelerator for the new middle class capitalism. It will facilitate the organization of the executive structure of the People’s Global Enterprise and the People’s Network.

Membership Qualifications Limits. To initially qualify as a New Middle Class owner-member, there is one basic qualification. The person or small business must initially be middle class. Initially they must have a net annual income of less than one million dollars, as defined by Middle Class Capitalism. It is noted that the MCC economic system objective for every owner-member is to grow in wealth as much as possible thereafter, with no annual net income limit after initial membership. An important objective of the MCC system is for the network of COG businesses and the associated small businesses to provide services or products that are wanted or needed by most or all of its owner- members, including employees. This helps ensure a strong internal economy for all of its owner-members in their own micro-economy. They can all continue to prosper through the commerce they have built and own together, even during economic downturns. 

The One Million Dollar Investment Limits. The COG Enterprise and People’s Network investment limit is a maximum of one million dollars per year. This includes all COG executives, all owner-members, and all other public investors. Owner-members will establish and approve all provisions of the investment structure. The core MCC investment principle is to ensure that its middle class and small business owners always control the COG Enterprise. They can never be controlled or bought out by other powerful wealthy predator companies.

Ownership. The owner-members will use the combined resources and capital that the middle class and small business owners decide to invest in their COG Enterprise to start and develop COG-CO businesses owned. As noted, the COG Enterprise Executives cannot buy or own COG Enterprise stock that exceeds the one million dollar investment limit per year, the same as every other owner-member. Net profits of the overall network of businesses must be distributed to all of its middle class and small business owner-members. This is required because the ultimate objective of the COG Enterprise is to grow in overall capital net worth resulting in growing net profits for its middle class and small business owner-members. Together they will be able to start their own large network of COG businesses and wealth generating enterprises that provide maximum services, benefits and profits for all of its COG members. This network of businesses owned by all members would include possible COG-CO businesses such as most retail and grocery stores; public commercial banks or credit unions and internal trade banks; mortgage and financial services; medical, dental, home, car and other insurance services; and any other products and services that are beneficial to its members. 

The MCC Mission and Core Values: “The middle class, small business and even less fortunate owner-members working together to ensure their own growing prosperity and economic security in their own best interest!” In order to achieve the mission, the People’s Network and the COG Enterprise’s business model includes core values expected of its executives and all owner-members. They must always strive to achieve the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and honesty. They are the new leaders of “The New Middle Class Capitalism.” They are the new standard of the very best companies anywhere. Every employee and owner-member provides individual value to the enterprise as a cog in the wheel of success of the overall enterprise. Therefore every member is expected to always strive to assist and support all other members in maximizing their wealth. This will maximize the ability of the MCC Network and the COG Enterprise to provide the best possible economic opportunity for each individual member. Each member will therefore be given the support and assistance necessary to maximize their individual financial net worth.

Transparency. All credible media and legal authorities are invited to investigate every aspect of the non-profit People’s Network, and the for-profit COG Enterprise network of stores and businesses. All non-proprietary aspects of the Network and COG Enterprise will be open to the public, and there will be annual independent financial audits. This is necessary for the transparency of the member-owners, and for absolute public credibility.

The Prime Directive for COG Executives. The Prime Directive of the for-profit COG Enterprise Executives is to maximize and secure the economic interests of their middle class owner-members. Each owner-member has an equal vote to select all of their own COG Executives to include the CEO and Directors to manage their COG Enterprise. Therefore, COG Executives cannot invest or buy COG Enterprise stock more than the limit for any other owner-member. Investment cannot exceed the MCC one million dollar per year maximum limit. Initially there is a bid from the Peoples Network on behalf of all of the members for the selection of the Executive Team. There is also an annual “confidence vote.” A majority vote of “all” owners determines whether to start new bids for a new executive team, based on their performance to achieve the core results for its owners, and their proposal for the next years compensation based on their achievement of the core results for all the owners. All executive bonuses and compensation will be determined annually by majority vote of “all” owner-members, based on annual measurement of 3 basic core results:

  1. The overall percent of annual growth in wealth for its owner-members;
  2. The overall strength and effectiveness of economic support and security systems provided for its members; and
  3. Their effectiveness of lobbying and being able to successfully secure the very best operational and economic interests for its members. 

                                                                                             THE PEOPLES MARKET CENTER

 The People stroll through the amazing beautiful market center very proud of being leaders in actually achieving this marvel throughout the world.  Surrounding these large Peoples Markets are usually beautiful people’s parks with large grassy play areas, ponds and fields for a variety of sports activities.  Most of the people at the park will visit the people’s park stores and the park as it has become a family and social affair, particularly for most days off.   The general design of the peoples stores are two long parallel lines of stores that can always be expanded further as stores are added, with parking in between. Lining the parking side in front of the stores are the green and social areas for visiting, eating, talking, music, skits, etc. On the other side of the stores are the Peoples Market Spaces. They are areas rented to individuals to sell their own personal items. The Peoples Park area is next to the Peoples Spaces. People from the Peoples Park enter the Peoples Market Stores through the Peoples Spaces for better diversity of commerce for all.  There are slow Trollies that go from one end of the Market Center to the end o businesses. They run in front of the green and social areas that are in front of all of the businesses, next to the large parking area.     

 The Peoples Market Stores include a variety of retail stores based on the Peoples Economic Community Organization’s determination of needs for the people in that region.  All Market Stores include a huge general retail store with a bulk goods area, grocery market and bank or credit union, all owned by the people. There are also a large variety of associate Small Businesses and other Peoples Enterprise retail stores. They include a Family Fun Center with a variety of play things,  games, and food for children, all attended by professional care staff. People can leave their children while shopping, or for the day while working.  There are also Health Care Centers, Animal Care centers, Individual Physicians and Dental Care Offices, Insurances, movie theaters, night clubs, and any other qualified peoples small business or enterprise retail business imaginable.   

 People are getting richer every day as owners of the Peoples Enterprise. There is economic upward mobility, living wages, retirement and security, for all! Millions of people and small businesses world wide are continuing to join the Peoples Enterprise as owners in what is now the largest and most powerful global corporation in the world. They are all a part of their regional economic communities, always working to develop the most efficient and productive stores and markets they own in their region.  There is integrated universal competition between all owners of the Peoples Enterprise, and all of their stores locally, regionally and globally.  The few remaining crony retail capitalists and corporations are either gone, or are diversifying into industrial, manufacturing and other non-retail businesses. Some survivors are now good capitalists, providing wholesale goods and services to the Peoples Enterprise for all their retail stores at the cheapest prices possible. Private small business associates, franchises and all other Peoples Enterprise stores are flourishing globally.  And the huge Central Market Centers, Spaces and Park Areas are spreading everywhere throughout the world. The peoples journey to prosperity has been achieved. And with the power and influence over their governments, the Peoples Enterprise is achieving justice and world peace throughout the world.  Independent renewable energy products are being sold and purchased by the Peoples Enterprise. People everywhere are providing independent energy systems and products for their individual homes, markets, businesses, skyscrapers, and most other buildings world wide. Everyone is enjoying their prosperity in this wonderful and beautiful  new world.  

 The People  are walking through their communities Peoples Market Center and Park.  They marvel at the awesome reality that most of the people in the world now own and control this massive center of people’s stores and park areas. Their own stores sell most of their retail products and services. The Peoples Market Center and its stores are all a part of the Independent Peoples Global Enterprise, usually referred to as the Peoples Enterprise. It is now more powerful and  influential than the few remaining crony corporations combined, and it is entirely owned and controlled by the People. Most of the small businesses, working class people, and formerly poor people around the world are now premium owners. They are all either employees or any other middle class person that invested as a premium owner. The less fortunate and poor persons have attained upward economic mobility in their own enterprise. They have all received support often with assistance a loan from other higher income owners. Together they all own and control the Peoples Enterprise, as it is usually called.



Chapter 2 - Middle Class Capitalism Promotion and Marketing
Chapter 2 - Middle Class Capitalism Promotion and Marketing

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The Independent Peoples Global Enterprise

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