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Chapter 3 - Middle Class Capitalism Philosophy and Symbolism

Details of Concept Philosophy and Symbolism

Chapter 4 - The People's Capitalsim Games

Chapter 3

Notice: The middle class economic system includes details to accelerate, demonstrate and market the concept, including the symbolism illustrated in bold or colored text, particularly as illustrated in the Peoples Capitalism Games. There is no association of any kind with any other symbolism or concept, to include any religious or political belief or concept. The system is for all people of all countries, all religions and all politics and therefore is entirely a secular economic system. At the risk of too much repetition, details are often restated in different chapters and sections to illustrate a different idea or purpose in the system. 

Middle Class Capitalism Basic Philosophy 

The basis for a flourishing economy is Economic Equilibrium , or a balance of economic power and influence between the people and the rich. A strong middle class is the foundation of a strong economy. What is good in the economy for the people is good in the economy for the rich. Therefore, the people must build a self-reliant and self- sufficient economy that empowers the people.

The Golden Rule of Prosperity: Empower the People

The Basic Rule of Economics. The very wealthy in general have always, and will always, use their power and influence to increase their fortune in their “own” self interest, often to the detriment of the less fortunate. That cannot change, as it is economic human nature.

The Golden Rule of Economics. Since you cannot change the Basic Rule, the less fortunate must be empowered to create a balance of economic power and influence with the very wealthy. Only in a capitalist system of economic equilibrium in a grand alliance with the wealthy can the people achieve lasting prosperity for all. Thus the Golden Rule of Prosperity: Empower the People.

The Middle Class Capitalism Symbolism

The Middle Class Capitalism Icon is the Golden Ladder of Prosperity . It is symbolized by a strong gold Middle Class Capitalism Economic Foundation with a Golden Ladder that leads to Perpetual Prosperity for everyone. The Golden Ladder symbolizes the people as the cogs in the most productive and powerful balanced wheel possible for the people to deliver the Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity . The Icon symbolizes the People climbing the middle class golden capitalism ladder to enduring prosperity and economic wealth and security for everyone. Every owner-member provides individual value as a cog in the wheel of success of the overall enterprise. The wheel is fueled by the ever-expanding synergistic power of the middle class, small business and even the poor joining together with their economic resources to drive the most powerful capitalism economic system ever. It is the new millennium Middle Class Capitalism vehicle that carries an enduring economic security warranty. The Icon represents the basic philosophy behind the Middle Class Capitalism system, and the symbolism for the Middle Class Capitalism Games.

COG stands for “Capitalist Owners Global”. The Cog and Wheel is the COG Enterprise’s symbol that signifies the worth and value of the individual middle class persons, small businesses, the poor, the less fortunate, and all member employees working together in the most effective and efficient economic production system possible. Accordingly the COG Enterprise Motto: “The Cog drives the Wheels of Wealth: Grow it, Keep It, and Secure it!” 

The Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity

The Middle Class Capitalism Concept builds an economy that provides the opportunity for economic prosperity, and provides the support for everyone to achieve it. They become a premium owner in a powerful network of businesses. The MCC network provides numerous incentives and the support for the poor to climb the economic ladder to become middle class or even millionaires based on the amount they are able to invest over time. The overall economy flourishes, and there is growing prosperity for everyone, including the rich. The key and most critical part of the MCC Concept is the Middle Class Capitalism Network. It is the non-profit independent guardian organization dedicated to provide all of the business support and economic protections and advantages possible for every member. This is necessary to start and successfully climb the Golden Ladder of Prosperity . As each member invests whatever they can safely afford as confirmed by the Network; new stores are purchased, and the size of their network of stores increases exponentially as do the overall profits. The economy soars, and everyone including the wealthy become richer. Prosperity becomes the status quo of the future and everyone prospers. The people build their own self-reliant Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity:

  • The more people you bring into a true and fair free market system...
  • The more the economy spirals up... 
  • The rich get richer... 
  • The people get richer, and you have...
  • The Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity!

Everyone Prospers and WINS in the game of true and fair Middle Class Capitalism!

The People’s Capitalism Games And The Mix The Odds Game and Awards

The Middle Class Capitalism Games are the catalyst and accelerator that provides the marketing and promotion incentives for The Pledgers and the rich to join together in a Grand Alliance to accelerate the expansion of Middle Class Capitalism. The People’s Capitalism Games features the Pledgers that are the middle class, small business, poor or less fortunate people that enter the games for only a $10 fee for numerous benefits and awards. The Mixed Odds Game is an associated Middle Class Capitalism Game that provides additional profits for Pledger owner-members and wealthy Sponsors and Promoters that share profits in the games. See details of the MCC Games in the next Chapter. There are numerous awards and benefits in the Games to provide incentives to ENTER the Games:

The Annual Golden Ladder of Prosperity Grand Prize. The Pledgers incentive to be a billion dollar prize winner for the $10 entry fee.

The Golden Ladder Goals. The Pledgers incentives include a free starter share, then 100 free shares after investing in 100 shares in their own enterprise. The ultimate goal is investing One Million Dollars for very valuable shares in their enterprise. The ultimate goal is the real gold MCC ICON Trophy.

The Grand Alliance Pledgers Award. Pledger climbs the golden ladder to receive this award after investing in their first 100 shares to double their wealth in their own enterprise.

The Golden Ladder of Prosperity Award. The Pledger climbs the golden ladder and receives the ultimate Middle Class Capitalism golden award after investing One Million Dollars or more for shares in their enterprise. The ultimate award is receiving the real gold MCC ICON Trophy. It is the Golden Ladder of Prosperity Award.

The Grand Alliance Sponsors Award.The Sponsor receives this award after they assist Pledgers invest One Million Dollars in their enterprise, and is credited as one of the best sponsors in all the Games. The Sponsor receives exceptional marketing and advertising profits, and a much larger share of the MCC Games profits.

See these and all the details of the Middle Class Capitalism Games and Symbolism in the next chapter.  Let the Games Begin!

Chapter 4 - The People's Capitalsim Games
Chapter 3 - Middle Class Capitalism Philosophy and Symbolism
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