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The ladder of middle class prosperity holds the symbol of the COG and Wheel. It represents the Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity.The Great Economic Revolution fiction story demonstrates the symbolism and philosophy of Middle Class Capitalism (MCC). The journey to lasting economic prosperity is symbolized in this concept as the Golden Ladder of Prosperity.The people are empowered through the Non-Violent Great Economic Revolution. They build the foundation of economic prosperity. It is the new millennium Middle Class Capitalism economic concept called Economic Equilibrium. The concept includes the basic rule of economic human nature as follows: 
The Golden Rule of Prosperity: Empower the People

The answer lies in the Golden Ladder of Prosperity. Climb that ladder and you have discovered the Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity.     

(A narrative concept for the fictional book)

It is January 1, 2000, the beginning of worldwide control of markets and money never before seen on earth. It is the final power and control needed to rule the financial wealth of the world. The world is raging with civil strife and protest, which create immediate short-term economic opportunities for the very wealthy, but inadvertently results in recession and decline of a strong middle class, and record numbers of poor. The seeds of Revolution are planted. This time there are two worldwide revolutions, one violent and one non-violent, resulting in the Great Economic Revolution. This new world is one in which the poor and the middle class have become poorer, and the rich prosper in the new found wealth controlled by the Trills. Ugly and often violent protests are growing everywhere and there is a worldwide revolution of violent terrorists.

During this period in less than 20 years the Trills have become the wealthiest Titans as more people fall into poverty. Trills are members of the highly secretive Trillionaire’s Society. Their billions together exceed a trillion, and they all aspire to be trillionaires. They are basking in their pools of power and extravagance, and even the economic advantages of war as even more people fall into poverty. They are ruling the financial world! But... they have also unwittingly started the beginning of the NON-­‐VIOLENT GREAT ECONOMIC REVOLUTION. They have awoken the proverbial giant that is called the Neo-Caps. The Neo-Caps are the new millennium non-­‐violent economic warriors. They are the New Millennium Neo-­‐Capitalists waging the brutal non-violent war of capitalism... AND WINNING! 

This is a new type of non-violent economic revolution never before seen in the world. This is the new millennium world-wide economic system that empowers the poor and middle class to join their capital resources together to build a world-wide economic community that serves the interests of the people, and balances their power with the slowly declining greedy aristocratic Titans of the World. The Non-Violent Great Economic Revolution begins the final transformation. Using the largest pool of the people’s capital worldwide, and wielding the most powerful economic weapon ever called integrated universal competition, the Neo-Caps wage the war of capitalism. They have won a balance of power and influence with the wealthy, in the Grand Alliance with the people. There is a new balance of power and influence with the people that creates greater prosperity for everyone. Together through the power of true and fair free market capitalism the Neo-Caps use their own resources, and their own assets of labor and capital for the people to build, own and control their own powerful network of businesses and wealth generating enterprises that serves their own interests. They are becoming the new world power that relies only on themselves for their greater wealth and prosperity. They do not depend on government, and they do not rely on the rich Titans or other corporations and businesses. They have built their own worldwide powerful economic community of businesses that serves their own best interests. They have found and are climbing The Golden Ladder of Prosperity. They have discovered the Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity. They have balanced the power between the rich and poor for the economic prosperity for everyone.
But it was not easy!

The Great Economic Revolution was fought on non-violent principles of true and fair capitalism called Economic Equilibrium, after a world of violent fermentation of the seeds of change. This is the new world, empowering the people worldwide in a non-violent economic system of their own, in their own best interests to secure a strong and prosperous economic environment they control.

After all, who will now have more power and influence over Wall Street, Congress and the government, the laws that are passed, and the overall economy? The new millennium COG’s and their Neo-Cap Warriors who have now grown to include millions of the masses that have joined together; or, the old Titan aristocrats that are slowly eroding their power and influence? Clearly, the new power and wealth of millions of middle class persons, small business owners and their employees, and even the poor have combined their capital and labor resources to prevail over the power and wealth of a few wealthy aristocrats in this epic struggle. The Neo-Caps have won an economic balance of power and influence with the rich. They have achieved Economic Equilibrium. The Golden Ladder has led the masses to The Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity for all!

The Non-Violent Great Economic Revolution

“Of the People, For the People, and Owned By the People”

The Middle Class Capitalism Fiction epic Story