DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF CAPITALISM: “An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Middle Class Capitalism is a pure and fair micro-economic system where the People invest together to
build their own very powerful private multi-national People’s Global Enterprise for personal profit,
without the need of government, wall street, or other large multi-national global enterprises. 

The concept developer is William Curtis “Curt” Woolf. Woolf has a Masters degree majoring in Management and Administration. He has over 40 years of top level management experience. This includes working as the Chief Administrative Officer over a 2 Billion dollar budget and managing the administrative functions for thousands of employees. Over a decade ago along with his brother a dentist, Woolf started, procured financing, managed and developed what is now one of the largest networks of for-­‐profit dental clinics in New Mexico. 

The Problem 
The recent Great Recession is the worst assault on small business and the middle class since the Depression almost a century ago. It follows many recessions that were not created or caused by the people. There will be many more recessions unless there is a balance of economic power and influence with the rich. Woolf believes in general that the rich and powerful have always and will always control and maximize profit in any economy in their own self-­‐interest. That is basic economic human nature. The middle class, small businesses and the less fortunate cannot depend on banks, corporations or government to assist or protect them during recessions or other economic hardships they had no part in creating. The inability of the middle class, small businesses and the less fortunate to have a support system to climb the ladder of prosperity, and to obtain bridge loans and capital needed to survive any recession has devastated millions of people everywhere. Coupled with this problem, Wall Street failures, and the inability of small business to compete with large multi-­‐national companies’ wealth, technology, power and exported trade and labor have further devastated the middle class. It has left most countries with the lack of jobs and record unemployment, and an economy failing and weakening the middle class. This motivated Woolf to develop a new capitalism concept that provides a balance of economic power and influence with the rich he calls the principle of Economic Equilibrium. It strengthens and benefits the middle class, small business and even the less fortunate to be as powerful as the rich. 

The non-­‐profit People’s Capitalism Network; the associated for-­‐profit independent people’s global enterprise called the COG Enterprise or COG Company network of markets, stores and businesses; the People’s Capitalism Economic Regional Communities, the student associations, the People’s Capitalism Games, and endless incentives for the people and the promoters are the vehicles that Woolf uses to secure and support middle class individuals, small businesses and even the poor economically in recessions or other economic downturns. The concept provides this golden ladder of opportunity to be able to safely grow and keep their wealth. Woolf’s idea was to create a capitalism concept whereby the middle class persons, small businesses, and even the poor and less fortunate can prosper and flourish in their own internal economic system of commerce that by design they can control regardless of other economic conditions. Only the wealthy and powerful companies can flourish and prosper in a recession, or any bad economy. The COG Enterprise will become the most wealthy and powerful of all. 

The Middle Class Capitalism System Basic Philosophy 
Woolf’s basic concept is that only with a balance of economic power and influence with the rich can there be growing and enduring prosperity for everyone. Woolf calls this economic principle “Economic Equilibrium”. This can only happen in a free market capitalism society. Therefore, a new kind of capitalism designed specifically to build and support a strong, powerful and influential middle class is required to be able to achieve economic equilibrium with the rich for a lasting and enduring prosperity for all. Woolf believes there are basic rules of economic human nature that govern this balance of economic power. Woolf uses colorful symbolism for thoughtful provocation for this economic principle that he calls the “Golden Rule of Prosperity: Empower the People.” It includes the two basic rules of economic human nature that are called the Basic and the Golden Rules of Economics. These rules are demonstrated in the narrative in a bold script as follows: 
The Basic Rule of Economics. The very wealthy in general have always, and will always, use their power and influence to increase their fortune in their “own” self interest, often to the detriment of the less fortunate. That cannot change, as it is economic human nature.
The Golden Rule of Economics. Since you cannot change the Basic Rule, the less fortunate must be empowered to create a balance of economic power and influence with the very wealthy. Only in a capitalist system of economic equilibrium in a grand alliance with the wealthy can the people achieve lasting prosperity for all. Thus the Golden Rule of Prosperity: Empower the People.
Therefore, based on this basic principle, a new kind of people’s capitalism was created that would provide the necessary power and influence for the people to build, grow and keep their wealth in their own global enterprise. This is an economic system of massive ownership by most people in their very own powerful vast network of businesses and stores. The system is for all people of all countries, all religions and all politics joining together for the benefit of all, and therefore must be an entirely secular economic system. There is no association of any kind with any other symbolism or system, to include any religious or political belief or concept. Through integrated universal competition, and lucrative incentives at every level, using the largest pool of capital ever, the people’s global enterprise competes in the brutal game of capitalism to defeat the largest retail giants worldwide. They become owners of most of the retail stores in the world that sells their everyday goods and services. Every new owner-­‐investor that wants a job, receives a job in one of the many thousands of new stores opening everywhere. This empowers the people to grow and keep their wealth with safely affordable investments in their own powerful companies, with a support system to be able to endure economic downturns. With this power and influence of the masses, the people will finally be able to effectively lobby for their own best economic interests. Therefore, Woolf developed a new economic system called Middle Class Capitalism, that includes the associated independent non-­‐profit People’s Network and the powerful for-­‐profit independent people’s global enterprise called the Capitalist Owner’s Global Company or COG Company of COG-­‐Co stores everywhere. It is often referred to also as the COG enterprise.

The People’s Capitalism Games    
In order to accelerate the growth of this micro-­‐economic capitalism system to be most effective for the most people, Woolf had an idea for another new concept. He developed the People’s Capitalism Games as a way to generate worldwide interest to build a massive membership in this new people’s economic system. Anyone can enter, except the rich. However, many wealthy persons and companies will also participate in what Woolf calls the Grand Alliance between the rich and the poor. These games demonstrate the power of the middle class in economic balance with the rich. It is an accelerated way to achieve Economic Equilibrium resulting in a cycle of prosperity for all. He uses colorful symbolism noted by Bold Classic Text in the narrative for provocative thought to enhance interest in the games. Consistent with capitalism’s general objectives of investment for ownership, the primary incentives to enter the Games include ownership in the Games themselves, and ownership in their new enterprise, the COG Enterprise network of stores. The COG Enterprise will become a massive network of businesses owned by the middle class and the less fortunate. In order to ensure maximum participation, there are many attractive incentives to enter included these reality games. For a $10 entry fee online, there are several incentives including ownership and profits in the Games, and entry into the Golden Ladder of Prosperity Annual Grand Prize Award, expected to be the largest cash prize ever awarded. A great incentive is when they enter the Games, they receive their first share free as a new owner in the Cog Enterprise. They also receive a coupon for 100 free additional shares as an incentive to safely start the climb on the capitalist Golden Ladder to their first goal of investing 100 shares in their new for-­‐profit COG Enterprise network of stores. They start and continue the climb to be able redeem the 100 free shares coupon, and immediately double their wealth in the enterprise. The ultimate goal is investing One Million Dollars to receive a real gold People’s ICON Trophy that is the coveted Golden Ladder of Prosperity Award. These incentives will attract millions of people from around the world from the very beginning of the games, and the games should grow exponentially from there. 
High Profile Promotion and Marketing 

Millions of people in the games provide the capitalist incentives for benevolent billionaires and the wealthy in general to participate as sponsors and promoters of the games. The promoters will understand the creativity of the games to be a catalyst and accelerator for one of the most popular concepts ever. The promoters will have one of the greatest marketing tools ever with this concept. Along with the Grand Alliance Sponsors Award, the sponsors receive unprecedented advertising and marketing opportunities, shared profits from the games, and their companies’ profits will soar. The promoters and sponsors will understand the potential for spin off potential for books, movies, videos, etc, are unlimited. The promoters will understand that the Middle Class Capitalism system truly is the perpetual motion of prosperity in the Grand Alliance between the rich and the less fortunate. It generates a great and lasting economy for everyone. Economic Independence and enduring prosperity for a strong middle class requires a peaceful world. Peace in the world requires a world united with all nations and all religions that want a peaceful and civilized non-­‐ violent world. Please consider the world peace alliances. 
World Peace Alliance (WPA). The United States policy would be using all diplomatic means possible to form a World Peace Alliance with every country that wants a non-­‐violent and peaceful civilized world. Peace in a non-­‐violent civilized world is the mission of the Alliance. Together the WPA will declare a world war against every group or state that "targets" violence against civilians. They are the enemy. Every country that is not a member of the Alliance will not receive any military or financial support from any Alliance member, and will not be a part of the World Peace Alliance. The Alliance members will all work together militarily and financially to defeat the enemy anywhere in the world. The United States will "offer" to lead and use its military and financial resources as determined by the World Peace Alliance is strategically necessary to lead and win the world war. Any organized group in the world that "targets" innocent civilians for violent actions for any reason, will be considered by the WPA as an enemy, and prioritized for action based on the greatest threats to worldwide peace and non-­‐violence. All Alliance members will agree to strong joint sanctions against the enemy, will contribute to all military efforts to defeat the enemy, and will all provide a minimal amount of financial assistance in proportion to their GDP, or other agreed criteria. World Religions Peace Alliance (WRPA). The World Peace Alliance will use all diplomatic means possible to organize "all" of the leaders of all legitimate world religions to unite in a World Religions Peace Alliance. Together they will issue a United World Religions Peace Proclamation that any organized group that "targets" innocent civilians for any kind of violence, is a threat to God and all legitimate religions in the world. They will declare to the world that they are a worldwide threat to civilized peaceful coexistence between all peoples, all legitimate religions and all nations of the world.     

This new government/private business/citizen partnership paradigm will benefit almost every business, every home and every individual, and renewable energy will be provided everywhere by the powerful energy companies. Energy companies know that most carbon for energy will be depleted in the not so distant future, and it becomes increasingly harder to extract and process every day. This is the ultimate energy paradigm solution for powerful energy companies to transfer carbon energy to independent renewable energy units, for the benefit of all. It is critical that we move away from central energy systems as soon as possible as a matter of national security. These community power systems are vulnerable to catastrophic failure due to terrorist and cyber attack. All central energy systems should be transferred to 100% independent renewable energy units that include every home, business, mall, and all other energy units. The technology is here now, and will be improved dramatically and efficiently with all new renewable energy and research. 

An “energy unit” of carbon energy or renewable energy is the amount of energy produced by the specific carbon units transferred as renewable units, such as BTU’s produced. Congress will provide subsidies and credits to carbon producing energy industries that transfer carbon energy units in exchange for renewable energy units. This is a “public policy incentive” to reduce carbon that will be depleted sometime in the future, in exchange for producing renewable energy to replace the depleted carbon for all future energy needs. For every “carbon energy unit” transferred to a “renewable energy unit,” the transferring company will receive a “public policy incentive” that is of equal or greater dollar value than the current market dollar value of the carbon energy units transferred. All credits and subsidies are based on the profit/loss annual amount of carbon energy units of the transferring industry, compared to the profit/loss of the same annual amount of the renewable energy units transferred, based on the annual financial statements. The “public policy incentives” will help enable the renewable transfer industry to be as profitable, or even more profitable than their carbon transfer industry. This will result in reduced and then eliminated public credit or subsidy losses due to the renewable energy transfers made to replace current and future depleted carbon energy. Tax credits and government guaranteed low interest loans and/or tax credits will be made as a “public policy incentive” to all individuals and businesses for all renewable energy systems, products and loans provided to them. This includes all transfer companies, property owners, utilities, companies, businesses, individuals and utilities that install or provide any renewable energy system or products. Central power energy systems will also start to move or transfer energy to independent renewable energy system units for all homes, businesses, parks, malls, etc. as a national security measure to avoid catastrophic failure due to terrorist or cyber attack. Renewable energy products include solar panels, wind generators, batteries, vehicles, or any other renewable energy product or energy system. In summary, large energy companies will provide large scale renewable energy systems and products everywhere and receive greater profits than before as an incentive to replace carbon energy profits, and every business and individual receives renewable energy products with government or energy company loans that are repaid with reduced or eliminated energy costs. Only when equitable public policy incentives are provided to both large capable renewable energy suppliers and general public energy users will there be large scale renewable energy that replaces depleted carbon energy in a relatively short period of time. Renewable energy transfer companies receive greater profits than before, and individuals and businesses receive lower or eliminated energy costs. Public policy incentives are also reduced and eliminated with repaid loans and a very prosperous new economy that provides huge government revenues, good paying jobs and upward mobility. Everyone benefits with the new equitable Energy Unit Transfer Policy and laws.


Concept developer Philosophy and Commentary

“Of the People, For the People, and Owned By the People”

(A narrative concept for the fictional book)


Chapter 4 - The People's Capitalism Games
Chapter 4 - The People's Capitalism Games
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