Chapter 3 - Middle Class Capitalism Philosophy and Symbolism
Epilogue: Commentary
Chapter 3 - Middle Class Capitalism Philosophy and Symbolism
Epilogue: Commentary

A strong Middle Class is the foundation of enduring economic prosperity. The People must join together to build their own secure and strong prosperity!  

The People's Capitalism Games 

To get started, “imagine” that there is actually a marketing concept that provides a great catalyst to accelerate this new Middle Class Capitalism. This reality game includes a Grand Alliance with the very rich. In this online Internet reality game, the wealthy have real celebrations and sponsor the success of the middle class and the poor in the game where they actually become owners in their own network of powerful businesses. It is a real game where everyone is actually a winner. It is a game that is the accelerator that begins the Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity . In these games anyone can enter and become a successful owner in their own powerful network of wealth generating businesses and stores, if they Act. The MCC Games theme is: 

“Nothing is for those who Dream and Nap, Success is for those who Dream and Act.”

The games include The People’s Capitalism Games; and Mix the Odds Game.”

Basic Details of the People’s Capitalism Games
Why would anyone want to pay $10 to enter these Games? What are the incentives to pay $10 to enter the Games? How do you form a Grand Alliance with the rich and millions of the middle class owners of their own super-enterprise? For the Grand Alliances and Middle Class Capitalism to work best and benefit the most people, there needs to be extraordinary incentives for millions of everyday persons to join. They pay a single amount of $10 to enter the Games and receive the following extraordinary benefits: 

  1. Part of the $10 entry fee is entered into the annual grand prize award that is expected to be the first billion-dollar prize. Anyone that enters could be the first billionaire prize winner. The more people that enter, the larger the prize. Millions will enter for this extraordinary prize.
  2. Every person that enters for their $10 entry fee becomes instant owners of all of the games and receive an equal part of all of the net profits of all of these games around the world. The more people that enter, the larger the share of the profits of the games they own. Millions will enter for $10 for an extraordinary incentive to receive their share in the games profits.
  3. Everyone that enters the games will also receive a free share as a new owner in their own COG-CO super-enterprise. Every new owner-investor will also receive a job if they want one, as new stores open everywhere. Millions will enter for this extraordinary opportunity to receive this free share and become an owner in their very own super-enterprise. They also become owners and control the non-profit Middle Class Capitalism Network. It provides a system of professional support to assist them in every way possible to become entrepreneurs. They can only invest what they can safely afford on their climb up the “golden ladder” to greater profits and wealth in their very own super-enterprise. See details in Chapter 1: Details of the New Middle Class Capitalism.
  4. Anyone that enters with their $10 can also compete for a Grand Alliance wealthy corporate sponsor. Sponsors will help them reach their final goal of investing the maximum limit of one million dollars in their own super-enterprise. Millions will enter for a chance to have a Grand Alliance Sponsor help them raise the limit of a one million dollar investment in their own super-enterprise. Sponsors are primarily very large local, national and international manufacturers and wholesalers around the world that provide goods and services to the millions of new owners joining their own super-enterprise, as well as the millions that are already owners of the enterprise. Sponsors receive an extraordinary incentive of a share of the games’ profits, and unprecedented marketing and advertising opportunities to everyone including millions of new capitalists in the Middle Class Capitalism Economic System. Millions will join for this unprecedented opportunity to invest one million dollars as a winner in their own super-store. See Details Chapter 1: Details of Middle Class Capitalism.
  5. All that enter for only $10 also become the owners of the Mix the Odds Games, and share the profits in that associated Game also. See the Middle Capitalism Mix the Odds Game later in this Chapter.

The People’s Capitalism Games
These are “real games” that the middle class and less fortunate anywhere around the world can easily enter. They can enter any new episode online in their own countries for only $10. For this entry fee they are all receive an equal share in the games’ profits that are expected to be massive. The entry fee actually entitles them to immediately become owners in the Middle Class Capitalism Games. The $10 fee also enters them into the coveted Annual Golden Ladder of Prosperity Grand Prize that is expected to exceed any previous prize amount, with dollars from an entire year’s entry fees from around the world. This is possibly the first Billion Dollar Prize ever. Most importantly, it is also a game in which everyone receives free membership into the non-profit Middle Class Capitalism Network. This network provides the complete business support needed for anyone that becomes an owner in the all-powerful associated network of for-profit COG-CO businesses. Anyone except the rich can join the Middle Class Capitalism Network at any time free of charge to become an owner in the powerful network of middle class businesses. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It is noted that anyone that enters the Games will become COG Enterprise owners and can participate in all of the games incentives and benefits regardless of whether or not they have a G r a n d Alliance sponsor.

The Middle Class Capitalism Games are the catalyst and accelerator that provides the marketing and promotion incentives for The Pledgers and the rich to join together in a Grand Alliance to accelerate the expansion of Middle Class Capitalism. The People’s Capitalism Games feature the Pledgers that are the middle class, small business, poor or less fortunate people that enter the games for only a $10 fee as restated from the last chapter for easy reference.

There are numerous awards and benefits in the Games to provide incentives to ENTER the Games:

The Annual Golden Ladder of Prosperity Grand Prize. The Pledgers incentive to be a billion dollar prize winner for the $10 entry fee.

The Golden Ladder Goals. The Pledgers initial incentives include a free starter share, then 100 free shares after investing in 100 shares in their own enterprise. The ultimate goal is investing One Million Dollars for very valuable shares in their enterprise. The ultimate goal is the real gold MCC ICON Trophy. 

The Grand Alliance Pledgers Award. The Pledger climbs the golden ladder to receive this award after investing in their first 100 shares to double their wealth in their own enterprise. 

The Golden Ladder of Prosperity Award. The Pledger climbs the golden ladder and receives the ultimate Middle Class Capitalism golden award after investing One Million Dollars or more for shares in their enterprise. The ultimate award is receiving the real gold MCC ICON Trophy. It is the Golden Ladder of Prosperity Award.

The Grand Alliance Sponsors Award. The Sponsor receives this award after they assist Pledgers invest One Million Dollars in their enterprise, and is credited as one of the best sponsors in all the Games. The Sponsor receives exceptional marketing and advertising profits, and a much larger share of the MCC Games profits.

Celebrations, Competitions and Awards

After a year of great celebrations and grand competitions for the Games around the world, there is a huge spectacular annual event. The Games generate millions at first, then billions of Pledgers around the world. The sponsors receive unprecedented advertising and marketing opportunities and extraordinary profits from the games. For $10 the Pledgers have entered the only game ever having the amazing guarantee that they will all receive a share of the enormous game profits. And, a single very lucky Pledger has just won over One Billion Dollars, the largest prize ever. They have won the Golden Ladder of Prosperity Grand Prize. The very rich have sponsored their favorite Pledger based on their accomplishments, hardships, tragedy or any other circumstance to help them become a successful owner-member in the People’s Global Enterprise. Their goal was to raise enough money to enable their sponsored Pledger to raise the maximum investment limit permitted of One Million Dollars. The rich sponsors also campaign and compete against all other sponsors to present their own company as the best sponsor and the best company. The sponsors receive unprecedented advertising and marketing opportunities and extraordinary profits from the games based on the more Pledgers they support that reach the goal of the One Million Dollar investment. International companies select their Pledgers. They compete with all other companies to promote popular support for their sponsored Pledger in their game episode. The sponsors feature their Pledgers by generating popular support for their Pledge. The sponsors that raise one million dollars for the most Pledges will receive the popular Grand Alliance Sponsors Award that guarantees the largest share of the games profits. They also receive international acclaim and the best advertising and marketing opportunities. The Pledger receives the coveted Golden Ladder of Prosperity A w a r d for investing the One Million Dollars in their very own super- enterprise and is awarded the People’s Golden Icon Trophy. Most Pledgers have climbed the Golden Ladder of Opportunity and received the Grand Alliance Pledgers Award. They receive 100 free shares and double their wealth in the enterprise. The new Cycle of Perpetual Prosperity is accelerated with Middle Class Capitalism for all as the Games exceed all expectations.

Multiple International Simultaneous People’s Capitalism Games 

The People's Capitalism Games includes competition around the world. Every country demonstrates its unique brand of the People’s Capitalism Games and COG-CO stores. The wealthy sponsor their favorite Pledgers in need to become owners in the wealth generating enterprises they have sponsored for the games. Various associations of the wealthy compete for their enterprise to be the most successful for their Pledger owners. They all share in the largest pool of game profits ever. It is an amazing game of splendor and celebration of the wealthy working for the prosperity of the less fortunate in this Grand Alliance . In this game no one can lose, and everyone wins. The Games promise to be an international sensation around the world for the entertainment and benefit of all. 

The Mix The Odds Games

The Mix The Odds Games, associated with the People’s Capitalism Games, provides additional marketing and promotion incentives for Pledgers, Sponsors and Promoters to share profits in the Middle Class Capitalism Games. This is an on-line game of odds much like fantasy football. Everyone can pick their teams of Pledgers and Sponsors in this Grand Alliance, and then “mix the odds” of winning. You will build your team of Pledgers and Sponsors based on mixing the odds of events and successes of Pledgers from any of the various episodes. The game provides another exciting element to the game of powerful business ownership and profits for everyone that participates.

Events from the People’s Capitalism Games help you build your winning team based on the mixed odds of the different episodes:

  • Which Game Episode mixed with the time the game internationally first purchased a superstore?
  • Every Episode mixed with the odds of the episode’s specific date of the superstore purchase.
  • Which episode that month mixed with the odds of the first Pledger to get their $1 million dollar limit to invest, mixed with the odds of when?
  • Which Pledger mixed with the odds of which game episode has the best Pledger story of need, based on likes by the viewers? 
  • Etc...mix the odds around the games around the world... endless odds! 

The Ultimate Result: Acceleration of Middle Class Prosperity for all!

* The People’s Capitalism Games including the Mix the Odds Game, are owned by the MCC Pledger/Owners. The ownership is structured in a way that only the Middle Class Capitalism members can be majority owners. The profits are also shared with the Sponsors and Promoters to the extent determined necessary by the owner-members as an incentive to continue their support and promotion of the games to continue building wealth for the greater prosperity of all.

Details of The People's Capitalism Games

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